Visiting Students

Thank you for your interest in attending Loyola Law School. Loyola Law School encourages and welcomes visiting and special students. Admission decisions are based almost exclusively on the applicant's law school performance, considering the overall rigor of the applicant's record.

The following information will assist you in the application process. Loyola Law School considers special students to be students who will take only one class. Visiting students are full or part-time students as defined by their home institution. Visiting students may attend the Law School for no more than two semesters (excluding the summer term). Visiting and special students may not apply as transfer students to the Law School. Visiting students are not eligible to transfer to Loyola Law School.

The timely deadline for submitting your application, application fee ($50), and all related materials is August 1, for the Fall semester, May 1 for the Summer Term, and December 1, for the Spring semester. The Law School does not have an application fee waiver policy for visiting and special students.  Applicants will be informed by email of their admission status.

 Visitor Application

Please be mindful of the policies and instructions below:

  1. Please send all your application materials to:
    • Loyola Law School 
      Office of the Registrar 
      919 S. Albany Street 
      Los Angeles, CA 90015-0019
  2. The law school you are attending must be fully accredited by the ABA. You must have successfully completed at least the first year of law studies.
  3. You must send an official transcript of all your law school grades.
  4. You must also submit a letter from your dean or registrar clearly stating:
    • whether you are a full-time or part-time student;
    • that you are a student in good standing;
    • that credit for classes undertaken at Loyola Law School will be applied to your degree at your home school;
    • address any class or term limitations of which Loyola Law School should be aware.
  5. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you meet any conditions that are established for you by your home school.
  6. Loyola Law School students have registration priority. Registration for visiting and special students will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, after registration for Loyola students has been completed. Since we register visiting and special students after Loyola students, we cannot guarantee you registration in any particular class.
  7. The Law School's policy and deadlines for reporting grades for visiting and special students is the same as the policy established for Loyola students. The deadlines cannot be changed to accommodate individual requests. Graduating students, in particular, should consider this in making the decision to visit Loyola. The faculty is required to submit grades for all students in a class. Students should also consider that grades at the Law School are normalized. In order for credit to transfer back to your home institution, you should consult with your home institution in advance to determine what minimum grades you will need.
  8. Visiting and special students may NOT undertake Independent Study Projects at the law school.
  9. Visiting students who are registered as full-time students at Loyola (i.e., a minimum of 12 units each semester) may participate in the On-Campus Interview Program (OCI), subject to the same regulations as Loyola students. A part-time visiting student (e.g., a minimum of 8 units each semester) at Loyola is eligible to participate in the On-Campus Interview Program only if he or she is classified as a part-time student at his or her home school.
  10. Special students are not eligible to participate in the On-Campus Interview Program.
  11. Special students must pay tuition charges before registering for classes. Students must present their receipt of payment to the Office of the Registrar at the time they register.
  12. Visiting students must pay full or part-time tuition charges and all related fees as outlined in the Schedule of Classes at the beginning of each semester.
  13. Students requiring financial aid: A student visiting at Loyola Law School and requesting financial aid must apply for assistance through his/her home institution (Loyola does not offer any financial aid to visiting students). The home school must initiate consortium agreements with Loyola's Office of Financial Aid. The home school will collect financial aid application forms and award students' financial aid. Loyola will act as a transfer agent only for disbursing funds to students.
  14. To defer visiting students' tuition accounts pending the receipts of students' loan check, Loyola must have a completed consortium agreement and verification that students' financial aid applications are complete before the first day of classes.
  15. Students needing special classroom or examination accommodations because of disabilities should immediately contact the Office of Students Affairs to arrange for such accommodations.