2017 Summer Priority & Eligibility Dates

Priority registration starts each day at 7:00 am.  Students may continue to add and drop courses on any day after their priority registration date has passed.

Day, Date


Eligibility Criteria

Monday, March 20


Rising Third, Fourth or Fifth Year Evening Students. 
Students graduating at the conclusion of the
2017 Summer Term.

Tuesday, March 21


Rising Second Year Evening Students.

Wednesday, March 22


Rising Third, Fourth or Fifth Year Day Students.

Thursday, March 23


Rising Second Year Day Students.

Friday, March 24


LLM, MLS, MT and Visiting Students.

Important: Registration priority for Ethical Lawyering during summer registration period will be given first to rising third year evening students, followed by rising second year day students.  Both rising third year evening students and rising second year day students must complete all first-year day required courses at the conclusion of the spring semester in order to qualify for summer registration in Ethical Lawyering. If you are registered for Ethical Lawyering and do not meet this requirement you will be expected to drop the class by the summer deadline to add a class. If you do not meet the requirement and remain enrolled after the add deadline, the Office of the Registrar will drop you from the class. Open registration for Ethical Lawyering will be available to all students on Friday, March 24th at 3:00 PM.