Grading - Visiting and Auditing Students

Summary Of Grading Policies - Visiting and Auditing Students

Grading Deadlines

The priority grading deadline for Loyola Law School graduates is usually the third week of January for the Fall semester and the last working day in May for the Spring semester. As a courtesy to visiting students, Loyola Law School affords them the benefit of the priority grading deadline. However, visiting students often need their grades prior to the priority deadline. The deadline cannot be changed to accommodate individual requests. Visiting graduating students, should consider this in making their decision to visit Loyola.

Grade Availability

Loyola Law School can unofficially transmit a grade to a student’s home school as soon as the grade is received by the Office of the Registrar. Official transcripts, however, will not be available until several weeks after the priority grade deadline. Transcripts are issued only to students who have met all pertinent financial obligations.

Normalization of Grades for JD Students

Grades for JD students are normalized. Consequently, students may receive a grade higher or lower than their raw score. Visiting students should consult with their home institution in advance to determine what minimum grade is required to receive credit for a course.

Grading Systems

JD visiting and special students are subject to the JD grading system. Visiting LL.M. students and special students in tax courses who have already earned their J.D. degree or foreign equivalent are subject to the LL.M. grading system. Auditors receive no grade. Although the student’s home school may accept transfer credits from Loyola Law School as Pass/Fail credits, with the exception of the programs abroad, there is no Pass/Fail option at Loyola Law School.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar, at (213) 736-1130.