Academic Success and Bar Programs

The Academic Success and Bar Programs at Loyola are designed to get every student ready to succeed as a law student and to pass the California Bar Exam. Our classes and programs integrate law school skills, lawyering skills, and bar exam skills.

Academic Success workshops, focused on preparing first year students for the demands of law school, including case briefing, course outlining and exam preparation, are offered in the fall semester. In the spring semester, first year day students in the bottom quartile of the class take a course focused on improving exam taking and lawyering skills, and learning a new area of law. Evening students take this course in fall of the second year.

For helpful resources, students should go to Brightspace and choose the course titled "Bar Exam Resources."

Individual counseling is available to all students throughout each semester.

The Academic Success and Bar Programs begin with law school orientation and end with bar preparation programs. 

For more information about the Academic Success Program, contact:

Anne Wells 

Acting Director of Academic Success
Burns 324

Jessica Levinson

Associate Clinical Professor
Burns 216

For more information about the J.D. Bar Programs, contact:

Susan Bakhshian

Director of Bar Programs
Burns 327

Jean Boylan

Clinical Professor of Law
Burns 345

For more information about the LLM Bar Programs, contact:

Aaron Ghiradelli

Director, LLM/JSD Programs
Founders Hall 152