The Office of the Registrar coordinates the scheduling and administration of exams. For regular law classes, the Academic Calendars outline the dates of the examination periods while the Course Offerings page lists the official exam date for each class. Two weeks before the start of the exam period, students may check PROWL for their specific exam schedule. Check your Loyola Law School email account frequently for examination notices.

Exams for online tax courses may be completed during the designated exam period for that term. Consult the applicable Academic Calendar to determine the exam period and review the tab below for more information.

  • The Student Handbook describes in detail the examination policies and procedures. Students must also read the following:

    In order to protect the health and safety of the Law School community and to ensure the integrity of the examination process, the Law School reserves the right to modify examination procedures. In the event that the Law School must make changes, the Office of the Registrar will alert you via your Loyola Law School email. It will be your responsibility to check your Law School email account regularly and frequently for examination notices. 

  • The Office of the Registrar schedules examinations throughout the law school campus. Our office may also split a class into multiple exam rooms. Check PROWL for your specific room location.

    Examination Room Locations

  • To request a disability accommodation, visit the Office of Student Affairs website and submit your request via Student Accessibility Services as early as possible.

  • Students may request to reschedule an examination by completing the Exam Reschedule Petition. All requests must abide by the Rescheduling Examination Policy as outlined in the Student Handbook.

  • Examplify is Loyola Law School's official examination software for all students excluding the online tax programs. Made by ExamSoft, Examplify is a platform through which students who elect to do so can complete in-class and take home examinations on their computers. Note: students who elect to use their computer to compose their essay or short answer responses are required to use Examplify to record their multiple-choice responses. Examplify does not require an Internet connection to run on your computer. However, you do need an active Internet connection to download Examplify as well as to download and upload your examination(s). Non-computer users must accept terms here.



    Examplify Installation & Registration Instructions

    1. Students will receive an email from ExamSoft to their Loyola Law School email address. Use the ID and password in that message to log into the Loyola Law School ExamSoft Portal as an Exam Taker. 
    2. Review the minimum system requirements to ensure that your computer can run Examplify.
    3. Click the Download button. You should be prompted to read the Acknowledgement of Loyola Law School Examination Rules and Procedures. Click the I Accept button to continue.
    4. Follow the instructions to install Examplify. Register your copy using the ID and password you used to log into the ExamSoft Portal. 

    Once you have installed and registered Examplify, test Examplify. Follow the instructions in the Vital Examination Matters memorandum linked above.

    ExamSoft Support

    If you experience technical difficulties with Examplify, ExamSoft Support is available to troubleshoot. Have your computer and an active Internet connection ready.


    The Law School does NOT allow students to use tablets (e.g., iPads) or ebook readers for examinations and discourages the use of Microsoft Surface tablets. Students cannot take an exam through a virtual operating system.

  • Students must follow the professor's exam instructions to document/report exam ambiguities. Typically, for in-class exams, students must report ambiguities for objective questions on the exam checklist sheet and describe ambiguities for essay/short-answer questions in the answer itself (i.e., in Examplify or bluebook). Students must finish writing their ambiguity/ambiguities before the proctor calls time. Use the Exam Ambiguities Form only if your professor has instructed you to do so.

  • Students may report comments and concerns about an examination by using the Examination Feedback Form.