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This is your degree audit moving forward and the law school wants to ensure that it accurately reflects the status of your degree program. From this point on, adjustments to your degree audit will take place in Degree Works only. Although CAPP will be available to you, CAPP will not show any adjustments after October 1, 2017 (except for current students who entered prior to Fall 2015); therefore, it is not an accurate display of your current degree audit status.

  • Once logged in, you will see the student information bar at the top of the page. This displays the following details about your status as a Loyola Law School student:

    • Student ID number
    • Student name
    • Degree
    • Major
    • Level (JD=Juris Doctor, TX=LLM Master of Taxation Law, ML=LLM Master of Law, LG= Law Graduate, SJ=Doctor of Juridical Science)
    • Classification (Year of Study; applicable to only JD students)
    • Last Audit

    The audit will default to the first priority program as declared in Banner. If you do not see the degree you expected, click on the drop-down arrow under degree.

    If you are pursuing two different degrees, the second one can be viewed here as well.

    DegreeWorks gives you the ability to do a “Degree Audit,” which means you can visually see how the classes you are taking or planning to take fulfill the various requirements needed for your degree. The Degree Audit has a “dynamic refresh” capability, which means there is no need to hit refresh when any new date is entered; any changes you made will automatically be reflected in your audit.

    Toward the top of the page, you will see two possible tabs: Worksheets and Plans.

  • From the Worksheets tool, you can choose Registration Checklist from the format dropdown menu. It will display a list of every requirement that you still need to complete within the various Degree Audit sections. These are the same sections, or blocks, that were visible in the Student View, but only show the requirements still needed. 

  • Through the Worksheets tool’s “Student View” you can see the requirements you must meet for your degree. It applies the courses you have taken in the most advantageous manner.


    green checkmark in the box to the left of the requirement indicates that requirement has been met. If it has not, the box will empty and “Still Needed” will be noted in red text.

    squiggly mark (~) in the box indicates the requirement is in progress and assumes it will be met once that course is complete (this means finishing the course and receiving a passing grade). Credit hours will also be shown in parenthesis for any in-progress courses until they are completed.

    There are few different sections in the Degree Audit:

    • Student View Block: 
      • The overall GPA is pulled from Banner. 
      • GPA hours is the number units you have earned.
    • Degree Block: Here you will find information specific to your specific degree (e.g., Juris Doctor), which includes what is required for your particular major.
      • Some examples of information included here are minimum credits, minimum GPA, etc.
    • Major Block: Coursework and other specific requirements necessary for your specific major are displayed here.
    • Concentration Block: Coursework and other specific requirements necessary for your concentration or specialization are displayed here; if applicable.
    • In-Progress Block: Here you can see a list of the courses you are currently enrolled in, but have not yet completed.
    • Not Counted Block: These are courses that you may have taken either at the law school or at LMU that are not counted towards your current degree.
    • Legend: Located at the bottom of the page and displays an interpretation of the most commonly used symbols in the audit.
  • The "What If" tool is not available to students at the law school as law school students are not allowed to switch degrees or majors.

  • The Look Ahead tool is the last one on the Worksheets tab. This tool can help you plan for the future by allowing you to add courses you are considering registering for in future semesters and seeing how they affect and interact with your current degree requirements.

    To use the Look Ahead tool, follow the following steps:

    1. Enter a course by subject and number on the first screen and click “Add Course” button. Repeat for additional courses if desired.

    2. Once your list of courses is complete, click the “Process New” button at the top of the page (located next to the “Format” dropdown menu).

    3. A new, proposed Degree Audit page will display, showing your “look ahead courses” included throughout each section as appropriate. They will be denoted in blue font, with “Planned Term” written at the end of each course’s respective row.