Faces of LLS

Faces of LLS

  • Kelly Greer

    Kelly Greer

    Director of Admissions Committed to Accessibility, Diversity, Service to Society

  • Jane Abzug

    Jane Abzug

    Alumna Embraces Social Justice at Firm that Fights for the Underdog

  • Daniel Martin

    Daniel Martin

    Library Director Guides Students at All Chapters of Career

  • Jannell Lundy Roberts

    Jannell Robers

    Admissions Dean Hones Eye for Outstanding Students

  • Brittany Hayes

    Brittany Hayes

    For Olympic Silver Medalist, Law School Came Naturally

  • orientation 2016

    Orientation 2016

    Revamped Orientation Puts Social Justice, Practical Training First

  • Jonathan Mputu

    Former NCAA Football Player Finds Footing at Clippers

  • Tiffany Hill

    For Transfer Student, Clinic Participation Smooths Transition 

  • Wesley Holland

    Wesley Holland

    Registrar Provides the Administrative Tools Students Need to Succeed 

  • Robert Grace

    Robert Grace

    With Eye Toward Justice, Deputy DA Scrutinizes Convictions

  • Michelle-Juen

    Michelle Juen

    Summer Job Diaries: At DreamWorks, Animating the Deal

  • Matt Moen

    Matt Moen

    Resident Associate Program Preps Alum for Dream Job

  • Corinne St.Claire

    Corinne St. Claire

    With Video, Tech Lead Makes Classes More Valuable

  • Dalmacio Posadas Jr.

    By Diving into the Community, Transfer Student Successfully Transitions to Loyola

  • Arianna Fisher

    Arianna Fisher

    Summer Job Diaries: Drafting Deals Begets Blockbuster Skills

  • Shannon Trevino

    Shannon Treviño

    Law School Director Helps Students Learn Crucial Skills For Their Transactional Law Careers

  • Janelle Smith

    Janelle Smith

    Summer Job Diaries: Advancing Negotiation Skills at BET Networks

  • Margret Stevens

    Margaret P. Stevens

    LA County Bar President Found her Footing at Loyola

  • Amber Madole

    Amber Madole

    Reference Librarian Helps Students in Every Chapter of Their Careers

  • Ashley Mahmoudian

    Ashley Mahmoudian

    Summer Job Diaries: Unwavering Advocacy at Federal Public Defender’s Office

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