LLS Professors Address Salient Issues of Legal Academy at 2021 AALS Annual Meeting

LMU Loyola Law School professors participated in a range of panels during the 2021 Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting held virtually from Jan. 5-9, 2021. The largest annual gathering of law faculty, the meeting convened legal scholars and law school administrators to discuss critical legal issues and innovations in legal education. This year’s theme examined “The Power of Words,” exploring the role of language in social movements and the myriad aspects in which technology has impacted how we chose and use our words.

Loyola Law School presenters at the 2021 AALS Annual Meeting:

  • Professor Ellen P. Aprill, John E. Anderson Chair in Tax Law, contributed to the discussion on “Nonprofit and Philanthropy Law Works in Progress,” sponsored by the Section on Nonprofit and Philanthropy Law.
  • Professor Brietta R. Clark, J. Rex Dibble Fellow, participated in the panel “Incorporating the Socio-Economics of Race, Poverty, Gender, and Economic Inequality into Health Law Pedagogy,” cosponsored by the Sections on Socio-Economics; Law, Medicine and Healthcare; and Minority Groups.
  • Professor Aaron Ghirardelli, Assistant Dean for Graduate Admissions, provided commentary to the panel “Virtual Mobility: Innovating and Promoting Global Legal Education in Times of Crisis,” cosponsored by the Sections on Global Engagement; Teaching Methods; and Technology, Law and Legal Education.
  • Professor Michael D. Guttentag, John T. Gurash Fellow in Corporate Law & Business, contributed his feedback to the panel “Emerging Voices in Securities Regulation,” sponsored by the Section on Securities Regulation.
  • Professor Justin M. Levitt, Gerald T. McLaughlin Fellow, participated in the panel “Voting During a Pandemic: Lessons from 2020,” sponsored by the Section on Election Law.
  • Professor Eric Miller, Leo J. O’Brien Fellow, moderated the “Beyond 2020: Decarceral, Anti-Racist and Non-Traditional Teaching” panel, sponsored by the Section on Criminal Justice.
  • Professor Katherine Perez, Director of the Coelho Center for Disability Law, Policy & Innovation participated in the panel “Celebrating 30 Years of Intersectionality and the ADA,” cosponsored by the Sections on Disability Law; Civil Rights, Law and Mental Disability; Minority Groups; Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues; and Women in Legal Education.
  • Professor Lauren E. Willis, Associate Dean for Research provided commentary to the panel “Works-in-Progress for Junior Consumer Law Scholars,” sponsored by the Section on Commercial and Consumer Law.