Law and the Political Process

The Law and the Political Process Course of Study is designed for students interested in understanding the legal regulation of the public policy process. It may be useful for students with aspirations to enter the public sector, work with (or represent) public officials or candidates for public office, create or lobby for change to public policy, join political law firms, or simply better understand public law and the lawmaking process. Note: while many courses are regular features of the Loyola curriculum, some courses beyond the basic curriculum may not be offered every year.

Foundational Courses

Each of these courses reviews foundational legal structures vital to the public policy process:

  • Constitutional Law  (required for all LLS graduates)
  • Administrative Law

At least one of the following is recommended:

  • State Constitutional Law
  • Local Government Law
  • Legislation and Statutory Interpretation

Other Related Courses

  • Election Law / Law of the Political Process
  • Money, Politics, and the Supreme Court
  • California Initiatives and Referenda
  • Combating Corruption
  • First Amendment Survey
  • Federal Courts
  • Income Taxation I
  • Tax Policy
  • State and Local Taxation

Experiential Opportunities

  • Public Speaking for Lawyers
  • Introduction to Negotiations
  • Accounting for Lawyers
  • Empirical Legal Studies
  • Empirical Methods in the Law Seminar

For more information on this course of study, externships, or other information, contact the Faculty Advisers: Prof. Justin Levitt, Prof. Aimee Dudovitz and Prof. Jessica Levinson.