The Center For Conflict Resolution

The Center For Conflict Resolution (CCR) provides mediation, conciliation, and facilitation services, and conflict resolution training to the communities throughout Los Angeles County (particularly those adjacent to the Law School), and to students, faculty, and staff at Loyola.

Students who participate in the CCR can earn units while satisfying their pro bono requirement and gain valuable experience doing real-world conciliation and mediation on a wide variety of cases. Students handle a wide variety of cases (under supervision) including divorce/family, neighbor-neighbor, employment, victim-youth offender, and consumer merchant, to name a few. They will also receive a Mediation Certificate that satisfies the California Dispute Resolution Program Act. Students are eligible to apply for the Pearl Castro Mendez position and serve the monolingual Hispanic community of Los Angeles County while contributing their time, education, and skills to support the communities around Loyola Law School.

Summer Public Interest Employment Program

Loyola Law School gives Loyola students the invaluable opportunity to experience public interest work, while providing public interest employers with law students’ assistance, which they otherwise would not be able to afford.  Every summer, the Summer Public Interest Employment Program (SPIEP) supports at least 70 students working at local nonprofit and government agencies.

Every year, the Office of Financial Aid establishes the maximum amount a student can earn each summer on a work-study contract.  For summer 2016, the maximum amount awarded students was $3,500.  The maximum may be lower for students enrolled in summer school and/or not working full time. 

NOTE: Professor Sande Buhai is on sabbatical for the 2016-2017 academic year. Priscilla Ocen will be the Acting Faculty Adviser.

Priscilla Ocen
Associate Professor of Law
Phone: 213.736.1186