Listen to Professor Jennifer Kowal talk tax law.

Thanks to the vastness of the subject, lawyers practicing in tax law must have a substantial amount of substantive law at their fingertips, in addition to the practical skills demanded in all legal practice areas. Many tax lawyers studied in Tax LLM programs as an efficient way to learn all of the tax law they need to succeed in practice. Many employers hiring candidates for tax positions require students to have specialized training in tax, often demonstrated in an LLM degree. Tax is also central to practice in business law. The structure of business transactions is often driven by tax concerns. A business lawyer who has studied tax can address these concerns.

Whether a Loyola JD student plans to pursue a Tax LLM degree or not, Loyola’s JD Concentration in Tax offers students a thorough grounding in substantive tax law and practical tax lawyering skills. Loyola's tax program, ranked in the top 10 of all U.S. law schools, offers more than 30 courses taught by six full-time faculty members and adjunct professors who are foremost experts in their fields. Students in the JD Tax Concentration complete 15 units of tax courses, including tax research training and experiential learning courses designed to prepare practice-ready tax lawyers.