Immigrant Advocacy Advisor Professor Kathleen Kim.

As an extension of the Civil Litigation and Advocacy Concentration, the Immigrant Advocacy Concentration is intended for those students who wish to gain the lawyering skills of a civil litigator along with a substantive background in immigration law. Immigration advocates today must be prepared for practice not only in administrative immigration proceedings but also the circuit courts for immigration appeals as well as other state and federal courts if representing immigrant clients in non-immigration matters such as employment and civil rights. The Concentration incorporates Loyola’s renowned civil advocacy curriculum while simultaneously requiring students to enroll in doctrinal immigration courses.

Students will also participate in an immigration-related field externship to expose them to the application of their classroom learning to real life immigration issues.  The benefits of the program include: course selection counseling with faculty; networking opportunities with alumni immigration attorneys; designation on transcript upon successful completion; and opportunity for honors recognition upon graduation. For more information, please contact Professor Kathleen Kim.