The requirements for the Civil Litigation and Advocacy Concentration were developed by an advisory group of practitioners and academics, both alumni and friends of Loyola with the intent of preparing graduates to be exposed to the legal doctrines and skills necessary to be effective new attorneys.  

Core Requirements

Successful completion of the following required first-year day/second-year evening courses:

Required Courses:

Successful completion of the following advanced required courses:

Completion of the Civil Litigation Skills Research Requirement

Students in the Concentration must complete the Civil Litigation Skills Research requirement. The research requirement is included within the Civil Litigation Practice.

Required Experiential Component:

Successful completion of an experiential course, externship, or clinic. Pre-approved experiences are listed below. Any externship or other experiential opportunity must be pre-approved by the Civil Litigation and Advocacy Concentration Faculty Adviser to fulfill the requirement.

Required Participation in Out-of-Class Concentration Events:

Students in the Concentration are expected to participate in out-of-class activities/events sponsored by the Concentration. Students participate in at least one out-of-class event/activity in each semester that such activities/events are held.

Suggested Elective Courses:

In addition to the required courses noted above, students in the Concentration are encouraged to take the following additional courses to the extent their schedule permits:

Suggested Service Opportunity:

Below are a list of advocacy related volunteer opportunities which may be used not only to fulfill the pro bono service hour requirement for graduation, but may also provide students with more hands-on experience and networking opportunities.

*Grade in Ethical Lawyering and Evidence not included in GPA calculation for honors recognition.