Donovan Hall

One of the Law School's three freestanding classrooms, Donovan Hall is named for the Reverend Joseph J. Donovan, Law School regent from 1927-1971. Like many of the buildings on campus, Donovan Hall, with its stately columns shooting high in front, echoes more ancient architectural forms.

Matching the interest of the building’s façade, is its beautiful interior. “It is a large theater classroom, with 98 seats, but the short depth of the room makes it seem more intimate. The raw Construction ceiling is again on display.”* Donovan’s most special feature, however, may be how it invites the outdoors inside. “Over the lectern where the professor stands, rises the tall skylight box.” This glass covering brings the sky and sunlight into the room, and on rare rainy days, “raindrops land just above the lecturer’s head.”*

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