Seminar Offerings Fall 2016

New Semester, New Perspectives: Sophisticated Offerings for Fall 2016

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

This fall, Loyola is offering a wide array of exciting classes, many of them seminars where you can get a unique small-class experience with leading legal experts. Below is a sampling.  

Hiro Aragaki

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Law & Practice. Arbitration, mediation, and negotiation have become massive, influential alternatives to traditional litigation.  Every attorney should understand the sophisticated law of these processes and have a firm grasp of the necessary skills. This class provides both.

Drafting a New Mediation Law for India. A unique, one-time-only course in which students will have the opportunity to analyze and draft proposed mediation legislation for consideration by a working group of Indian lawyers who plan to introduce the first-ever mediation law in the Indian Parliament.

Professor Aragaki is an international expert on alternative dispute resolution and a prize-winning legal scholar.

‌Jeffery Atik

Antitrust.  Amazon, Apple, Google—are they tough competitors, or do they criminally exploit their customers and crush their rivals?  This class examines the vital role of antitrust law in regulating corporate giants in the new economy. Recommended for students interested in corporate and intellectual property law.

Professor Atik is an expert on international finance and trade. He blogs at Attraverso.

Jay Dougherty

Motion Picture Production & Finance Seminar. Simulate the work motion picture lawyers do on a real event-based film.  Not only will you hone your skills at reading and interpreting contracts and collective bargaining agreements while learning the structures of various rights and talent deals, you will do hands-on drafting of several of those contracts using actual film studio forms.  Contract drafting experience is essential to any transactional law practice, including the film and media industries, so you will be far ahead of the "pack" in the job market by having this kind of experience. 

Professor Dougherty is an expert in entertainment law, an experienced entertainment lawyer, and a professional guitarist.  He directs the Entertainment Law Concentration.

David Glazier

Law of War Seminar. The U.S. has decided to engage in a "war on terror" against non-state adversaries and has adopted new technologies such as armed drones.  These dramatic developments make an understanding of the relevant i­nternational law essential knowledge for any attorney wishing to be an informed participant in ongoing law and policy debates. 

Professor Glazier, a former U.S. naval commander, is a national expert on the law governing the use of armed force, drones, Guantánamo detention, and the military commissions.

Jessica Levinson

Money and Politics: The Law of Political Campaigns. Money plays a vital role in political campaigns. Should money spent in political campaigns be treated as speech? Should corporations be treated as people? How should the Supreme Court rule on laws that arguably burden speech but also reduce corruption and open access to the political system? Recommended for students interested in the First Amendment, the functioning of the Supreme Court, and politics.   

Professor Levinson is an expert in campaign finance law, is frequently quoted in the media on political issues, and is the Vice President of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission. She blogs at PoLawTics.

Karl Manheim & David Steele  

Internet Law.  What is cyberlaw?  Everything from free speech to privacy, piracy, e-commerce, Internet jurisdiction, IP, network neutrality, and Internet governance. No technical background required.

Professor Manheim is an expert on privacy, intellectual property law, and constitutional law. David Steele practices Internet Law in the U.S. and globally.

Lee Petherbridge 

Biological Foundations of the LawCan biology explain how we think? To what extent is law a product of evolution? This course challenges basic ideas about law from a scientific perspective.  Recommended for students interested in jurisprudence and science.

Professor Petherbridge is an expert in biological sciences, the Acting Associate Dean for Research, and holds the Richard A. Vachon, S.J., Fellowship. 

Cesare Romano 

International Protection of Human Rights. What are Human Rights? What gives the United States the right to question the way in which the Chinese government treats its citizens and vice-versa? What are the institutions, mechanisms and procedures to protect human rights for everyone anywhere in the world?

Introduction to International Law. What is international law? What is a State? What rights and duties do States have? Can US laws enforced in foreign countries? On the high seas? In outer space? This survey course introduces students to the fundamentals of international law (public and private), foreign relations law of the United States, the main world legal systems and the fundamentals of comparative law.

Professor Romano is an internationally-recognized expert on human rights. 

Seagull Song 

Comparative Copyright Law. Chinese copyright law, which is based on the continental European model, differs in important respects from its U.S. counterpart.  Understanding Chinese (i.e. European) copyright is increasingly valuable, especially for lawyers working in international business and IP.

Professor Song is an expert in the U.S.-China intellectual property field. Her book Entertainment Law (2014, Chinese language) is the first Chinese treatise on international entertainment law.

Marcy Strauss

First Amendment Survey. Can persons be punished for their Facebook posts?  Can politicians be prosecuted for incitement if violence arises at their rallies?  Should colleges have "safe zones" free from offensive speech? First Amendment Survey will not only prepare you for a topic that is frequently tested on the Bar Exam, but will explore many interesting, hot button issues.  

Professor Strauss is a preeminent constitutional law scholar. Her work has been cited multiple times by the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Katherine Trisolini

Climate Change and the Law.  Join the Pope and President Obama in grappling with perhaps the most pressing international legal issue of the day:  climate change.  This class will explore the wide variety of legal and political response to climate change, from international treatises to local municipal ordinances.

Professor Trisolini is an environmental law expert and a leading scholar on local governmental responses to climate change.

Kimberly West-Faulcon

Discrimination and Reverse Discrimination Claims After Justice Scalia. Transgender bathroom access, same sex marriage rights, affirmative action—all these constitutional issues have been heavily influenced by the concept of “reverse discrimination” and its most vocal proponent, the late Justice Antonin Scalia. This seminar will explore the complex terrain of discrimination and reverse discrimination claims, and the prospects of a post-Scalia Supreme Court.

Professor West-Faulcon is a constitutional law scholar and a former civil rights impact litigator.

 Professor Adam Zimmerman‌Adam Zimmerman

Administrative Law: We live in an administrative state.  Thousands of governmental agencies exercise authority over the economy, the lives of every American, and every area of law from business transactions to criminal law to civil rights.  This foundational course teaches students how to navigate this vast and important arena.  

Professor Zimmerman is a prize-winning teacher and scholar.  He previously served as counsel to the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.   


For additional offerings, please see the course catalog.