Journalist Law School

Hear JLS faculty and fellows describe Loyola's Journalist Law School.

L‌MU Loyola Law School is offering fellowships to 40 professional journalists who have a minimum of three years of experience as a journalist.

The challenge of reporting on the legal system without a law degree is daunting. To help support journalists who cover the courts on national, regional or local levels, the Civil Justice Program at LMU Loyola Law School has developed the journalist law program consisting of a four-day intensive seminar on the legal system. Lectures, lodging, and most meals are covered by the program. Please consult the program overview,  information on past Journalist Law School (including alumni) or the JLS 2020 Flyer for further details.

The 15th-annual Journalist Law School fellowship, originally scheduled to run from June 10-June 13, 2020, will not be held in its traditional format this year because of COVID-19 concerns. Instead:

  • All 2020 JLS applications will be rolled over for consideration for the 2021 program, scheduled for June 9-12, 2021. 
  • Applicants will received recordings of exclusive sessions on timely topics: an update on the Supreme Court term, election law rules that are relevant to the 2020 election, the basics of how much power governments have to quarantine and isolate its residents, and what a “new normal” looks like for the judicial system.
  • In the meantime, if you need legal expertise, please let us know; we can connect you to our professors via email, phone and Zoom to assist you with your work.
  • All applicants are being contacted with this information and will receive updates shortly.


For questions about the substance of the Journalist Law School curriculum, please contact Brian Costello, director of marketing & communications, a or 213-736-1444. For logistical questions, please contact Loyola Law School Conferences & Events at