Reviews of Prof. Goldman's Book: Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream

Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream by Stanley Goldman

"If you only have time to read one book about the history of the Holocaust, make it this one."—Television Confidential (2019–01–22)

“This book contains all the lessons, but it’s not depressing in the long run . . . . This is a well-written page-turner for any reader wanting a different perspective on Nazi atrocities. The author effortlessly moves from the general to the particular and back as he puts his mother’s plight in context. . . Yes, it is well-documented history, but it’s more than that. . . .  It is a compelling one, and every reader who pretends to understand this dark era in human history should read it.” — (2019-01-25)

“Professor Goldman’s account of this previously untold moment in history is seismic. What a tale! It is not only purposeful but also riveting and enlightening. It’s a must-read, especially at a time when, sadly, there are creeping global similarities to the festering mindset in the run-up to World War II.”—Ashleigh Banfield, host of HLN’s Crime and Justice with Ashleigh Banfield (2018-07-06)

"The son of a Holocaust survivor rehearses the horrors of his mother's captivity, the improbability of her survival, and the deleterious lingering effects on her—and him. . . . His mother's story is astonishing; her survival, virtually impossible.  A welcome excavation of an obscure corner of Holocaust history."—Kirkus (2018-10-02)

"Critique: An inherently fascinating read from cover to cover, 'Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream: The Bargain That Broke Adolf Hitler and Saved My Mother' is an extraordinarily informative, exceptionally well written, accessibly organized, impressively presented, and unreservedly recommended addition to community, and academic library Holocaust Studies collections and supplemental studies lists. It should be noted for students, academia, and non- specialist general readers with an interest in the subject...." —James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review (2019-06)

"After . . . deligent research and writing. . . .  Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream certainly succeeds in telling a Holocaust survivor's story within [an] enormous historical context"Stuart Nulman, Montreal Times (2019-05-04)

"Powerful. It’s riveting."Geraldo Rivera (2018-05-02)

“This is one of the best books on the Holocaust that I have read, or in this case, listened to. Hearing the author's own voice makes the book especially meaningful. His mother Malka's personal story of surviving the horrors of Auschwitz and Ravensbruck through almost miraculous means, is seamlessly interwoven with discussion of individual Nazis' lives, description of the camps, and WW2 politics. Most touching is the effect of his mother's (understandable) over-protectiveness on the author's entire life. I appreciate the tremendous effort on Mr. Goldman's part to share these personal details.”Bookworm (2019-02-05)

"Stanley Goldman has written what may perhaps be the last genre of Holocaust memoirs. The son of a Holocaust survivor, he has pieced together his mother’s story and told it with respect and dispassion. . . . The result is a powerful work that probes the past and its indelible impact on those who have been directly touched by it. He writes with candor but not with rancor, a feat as remarkable as it is rare."—Michael Berenbaum, director of the Sigi Ziering Institute and professor of Jewish Studies at the American Jewish University

"I laughed sometimes, sometimes I could not keep my tears. . . . It is a very moving and touching. . . wonderful book."Professor Taner Akçam, Kaloosdian/Mugar Chair Armenian History and Genocide Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Clark University (2019-06-20)

"Part history and part memoir, Goldman's book mines the terror of his mother's captivity, her unlikely survival and the long-term effects of her experience on both their lives. . . . He summoned the courage to tell the story."—Cathryn Prince, The Times of Israel (2019-06-16)

"Riveting" . . . "Written so well . . . I read it all without putting it down once."—Paul Lisnek, Behind the Curtain, WGN Radio (2019-06-12)

"An extraordinary . . . fascinating story."—Sarah Harris, Studio 10, National Australian Morning Television (2019-01-20)

"Stanley Goldman . . . has written a powerful, meticulously researched memoir of his mother's years in the concentration camps and their life together." Dennis McCarthy, San Jose Mercury News (2019-02-23)

"We applaud Stan Goldman. . . Phenomenal. Very well written."—Bob Brill, Jim Christina, LA Talk Radio, Writer's Block (2018-12-20)

“Professor Goldman’s book is a must read, especially today when the politics of scapegoating and polarization have come back into vogue. . .  Left to the Mercy of a Rude Stream should be required reading in every school and university. It should be read by every person aspiring to help the world evolve and grow into a better and more humane place.”—Jay Bildstein, CYInternational (2019-03-10)

"Absolutely the most mind blowing story of survival."—Alison Arngrim, Alison Arngrim Show (2019-02-18)

"A historical masterpiece . . . a book that everyone should read. Definitely a winner."—Heidi Hilton, Milestone Radio, UBN Milestones (2019-04-12)

"If you listen to only one interview I have done, this should be the one." "The history woven through this heartfelt narrative is worth the price of admission."—Edward Smith, iHeart Radio (Cleveland Jewish News) Baby Boomer Talk Radio (2019-04-07)

“Goldman, a professor at Loyola Law School who founded its Center for the Study of Law and Genocide, deftly mixes his personal experiences growing up the son of a survivor and the events surrounding the crash of Hitler’s 1,000-year Reich.”Tom Tugend, Jewish Journal (2019-02-14)

"A harrowing, haunting memoir and history. I couldn’t put it down."—Charles Rosenberg, author of The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington (2018-03-02)

"Very heartwrenching . . . very important book."—Ray Carr, Ray Carr Show WCBS 89.3 (2019-02-01)

"A must read . . . very timely book . . . culturally, historically important."—Edwin Hoffman, Speaking of Art, WAAM Talk Radio 1600 AM (2019-04-13)

"A heroic, amazing story. . . . Just an amazing book."—Frank MacKay, Breaking it Down, 103.9 LI News Radio (2019-05-16)

"Fascinating" "Amazing."—Dr. Bob Phillips, Coping Conversations (2019-05-16)

"Fantastic read."—Joe Crawford, The Joe Show, Niagara Falls New York (2019-01-25)

"This powerful book is a spellbinding narrative."—Riverside Desert Star Weekly (2019-04-17)

"Extraordinary. . . fascinating work."—Warner Lewis, KLWN 101.7 FM, 1320 AM (2019-05-12)