LLS Alert

LLS Alert/LMU Alert is an emergency notification system that allows the university to contact you during an emergency by sending messages via text, email and/or automated phone calls.

Alerts may also utilize a public address system to provide information to on-campus learning spaces and offices.

If you are a member of the LLS community, please follow the instructions in the applicable accordion below to register for LLS Alert and maintain your contact information. 

Note: Under some circumstances, members of the LLS community may receive alerts labeled LMU Alert or LMU Communication, depending on the sender.

  • To promote safety and security, all registered LLS students are required to provide contact information for LLS Alert. Students will be required to update or confirm your LLS/LMU Alert contact information annually. Students are strongly encouraged to provide at least one cell phone number in order to receive critical alert text messages, which are useful ways to direct members of the LLS community to important update messages sent via email, often times after hours or on weekends.

    Follow these steps to add, update, and/or confirm your LLS/LMU Alert contact information:

    1. Sign into PROWL.
    2. Click on "Personal Information."
    3. Click on "View / Update LMU Alert Contact Information."
    4. Click on "Update Data."
    5. Complete the LMU Alert form and click on "Update Data", or review your LMU Alert contact information and click "Confirm" if no changes are needed.
  • LLS faculty and staff are encouraged to provide your phone number(s) and your additional email address(es) to receive important information and instructions during a campus or area-wide incident or emergency.

    If you are full-time or part-time faculty or staff, log into LMU Workday to add or change your LMU Alert contact information.

    • Simply open your profile page, select "Actions" below your profile photo, and then click "Additional Data" at the bottom of the drop-down. This space will allow you to add cell and land-line phone details, as well as additional email addresses. 
    • You can also follow the step-by-step instructions on how to do so here
  • LMU Loyola Law School campus visitors, vendors and other guests may register for LLS Alerts, the campus emergency notification system, by texting "LLSguest" to 672-83. You will automatically be registered, and may opt out at any time.