Campus Media Policy

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles requires that journalists visiting campus for reporting purposes adhere to a set of guidelines. This applies to journalists present on campus to interview sources, cover campus events or film stand-ups. The guidelines are:

  • Journalists must notify the Marketing & Communications Office to secure access to campus. A Marketing & Communications team member will notify the security office in advance, arrange for parking and provide an escort upon arrival on campus to direct journalists to their campus destination. The Marketing & Communications Office is also available to suggest filming locations around campus.
  • Once on campus, journalists must seek approval from a Marketing & Communications team member before approaching or filming students. We are happy to try to facilitate such requests in conformance with privacy concerns and the Law School's primary goal of educating its students. The Marketing & Communications Office is tasked with minimizing disruption to the learning environment.
  • For events, members of the media must notify the Marketing & Communications Office of their planned attendance. The Marketing & Communications Office can arrange for such logistics as mult-box access, set-up space and seating.