Loyola Tax Policy Colloquium Fall 2018 Schedule

Except as noted, Loyola Law School's Tax Policy Colloquium meets on Mondays during the Fall semester from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. in Room G-202 (Girardi Advocacy Center, second floor, Courtroom of the '90s). Faculty members from other law schools are welcome. Lunch is provided. RSVP to Bridget Klink at 213.736.1407 or Bridget.Klink@lls.edu.





September 17

Daniel Hemel

Daniel Hemel
University of Chicago

Beyond the Marriage Tax Trilemma

Ted Seto

Ted Seto
Loyola Law School Los Angeles

September 24

Lee Fennell

University of Chicago

Money Matters

Ed McCaffery

University of Southern California

October 1

Diane Ring

Boston College

The Other Labor Law? Understanding the Tax-Workplace Intersection

Michael Simkovic

University of Southern California

October 15

Ari Glogower

The Ohio State University

A Constitutional Wealth Tax

Eric Rakowski

UC Berkeley

October 22

Kirk Stark


The Power Not to Tax

Darien Schanske

UC Davis

October 29

John Brooks


The Curious Case of Student Debt


Lauren Willis

Loyola Law School Los Angeles

November 5

Ariel Jurow Kleiman

Ariel Jurow Kleiman

University of San Diego

Tax Limits and Public Control

Hayes Holderness

University of Richmond

November 12

Donald Marron

Urban Institute

Designing a Carbon Tax Dividend

Thomas Herndon

Loyola Marymount University

Roberta Mann

University of Oregon

November 19

Gladriel Shobe

Brigham Young University

How Tax Law Rewards Economic Segregation

Kirk Stark


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