Fall 2008

Loyola Law School’s Tax Policy Colloquium meets on Mondays from 12:10 to 2:10 p.m. in Room G-202 (Girardi Advocacy Center, second floor, Courtroom of the '90s). Faculty members from other law schools are welcome. Lunch is provided. RSVP to Bridget Klink at 213.736.1407 or Bridget.Klink@lls.edu.





9/8 George Yin, University of Virginia Temporary-Effect Legislation, Political Accountability, and Fiscal Restraint Katherine Pratt, Loyola-LA
 9/15 Michael Knoll, University of Pennsylvania International Competitiveness, Tax Incentives, and a New Argument for Tax Sparing: Preventing Double Taxation by Crediting Implicit Taxes Eric Zolt, UCLA
9/22  Howard Chang, University of Pennsylvania Immigration Restrictions as Redistributive Taxation Edward McCaffery, USC/Cal Tech
 10/6 Clifton Fleming, Brigham Young University Reinvigorating Tax Expenditure Analysis and its International Dimension Thomas Griffith, USC
10/13  Leonard Burman, Urban Institute A Blueprint for Health Reform and Tax Reform Michael Intriligator,
 10/20 Steven Bank & Kirk Stark, UCLA War and Taxes Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, Cal Tech
 10/27 Patricia Cain, Santa Clara The Taxation of Families Adam Chodorow, Arizona State
 11/3 Rebecca Kysar, Brooklyn Law School Listening to Congress: Earmark Rules and Statutory Interpretation Ellen Aprill, Loyola-LA
 11/10 Daniel Shaviro, NYU The Long-Term U.S. Fiscal Gap: Is the Main Problem Generational Inequity? Theodore Seto, Loyola-LA
 11/12 Jacob Nussin, Bar Ilan University Distributive Aspects of Legal Standards Michael Guttentag, Loyola-LA