Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review

Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review promotes scholarship in the national legal community by publishing articles and critical analyses on developing areas of law. Known as LLR on the LMU Loyola Law School campus, the Law Review is a quarterly journal featuring articles by prominent educators, judges, attorneys, and Loyola students. Students are selected for LLR based on the results of the Write-On Competition, which varies in format and content from year to year.

  • LLR gives staff members the opportunity to improve their research, writing, and analytical skills. Prospective employers seek out LLR staff members because they recognize the proficiency that journal experience fosters in these areas. LLR also offers staff members the opportunity to develop relationships with other students dedicated to studying and advancing legal thought. Further, staff members can access the valuable network of LLR alumni already working in courts, law firms, business, and academia.

  • LLR is a yearlong commitment beginning as early as mid-July. Before Fall classes begin, you will attend a mandatory in-person orientation. During both the Fall and Spring terms, you will complete editing assignments on articles scheduled for publication.

  • Staff members are crucial to the proper fact-checking and editing of scholarly articles selected for publication. Each week, staff members spend a minimum of three hours in the LLR office. Approximately every other week, staff members complete assignments to ensure that the articles LLR publishes are factually accurate and technically sound. Initially, these assignments may take up to eight hours to complete. However, as staff members gain more experience with these assignments, the time necessary to complete them will decrease. Four weekend days per year, staff members and senior editors participate in mandatory daylong production sessions.

    Staff members who satisfactorily complete all of the LLR requirements receive one unit of pass/fail credit per semester. Members who choose to write a “Note” or “Comment” can earn additional graded units in later semesters. Writing for LLR satisfies the Upper Division Writing Requirement.

  • Following the Fall term, staff members may apply for editorial positions for the following year. The current editorial board handles editor selection for the upcoming year. Senior editors who complete their required duties receive two units of credit per semester.

    If you have any questions about LLR, please feel free to email us at loyola.lawreview@lls.edu. We strongly encourage your participation in the Write-On Competition, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you next year.