International and Comparative Law Review

In production since 1978, International and Comparative Law Review (ILR) publishes articles written by prominent legal scholars, including professors, attorneys, and jurists. Articles critically analyze decisive issues in international and comparative law and are an informative source for leading legal experts.

ILR also publishes high-quality student-written articles, generally referred to as “notes” or “comments.” ILR publishes three issues per year, producing each issue over a period of four months.

ILR Objective

The ILR is a specialty publication that focuses on issues that shape international relations, international law, and the international community. The ILR articles champion issues of global consequence and explore the results of international decision-making bodies.

Selection Process

Each year ILR selects between 30-40 highly skilled staff members based primarily on the quality of their write-on competition submissions and partly on their performance in the Legal Research and Writing course. Students entering the second- and third-year day program, as well as those entering the third- and fourth-year evening program, are eligible for ILR membership. ILR looks for motivated students with a genuine interest in international law.

Membership Benefits

ILR offers Loyola students an opportunity to critically analyze current international issues from a legal perspective. As an ILR staff member, you can expect to sharpen your critical thinking, research and writing skills.

Other benefits of being an ILR member include resume value, employment and professional contacts, camaraderie among students, and leadership opportunities. Additionally, ILR members are in contact with prominent members of the international legal community. ILR staff members receive two units per semester and satisfy the Loyola writing requirement upon submitting a satisfactory note or comment.

Membership Responsibilities

All ILR members are staff members for their first year on the Law Review. Staff members are a critical part of the publication process. ILR staff members are responsible for four tasks: (1) working three hours of scheduled office hours per week; (2) completing cite-checking assignments; (3) working on scheduled production days; (4) writing a note or comment on an international legal topic; and (5) attending our annual Symposium in spring semester.


Each staff member is also responsible for writing a note or comment. The topic must be of timely international legal significance. Each staff member selects the subject of their note or comment at the beginning of the fall semester. Successive drafts of the note or comment are due on announced deadlines. The staff member’s final note or comment must be of publishable quality and will satisfy the Loyola writing requirement. Note & Comment Editors guide staffers through the writing process.

Inter-American Court of Human Rights Project (IACHR)

ILR also runs the Inter-American Court of Human Rights Project (IACHR). Each year, the IACHR Project is comprised of a team of editors and staff members of ILR. Under the supervision of Professor Cesare Romano and the Chief IACHR Editor, editors and staff members work together to author comprehensive summaries of judgments rendered by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. The Senior IACHR Editor works in concert with Loyola Law School’s Information and Technology Department to update and maintain the Project's web components.

Production Days

Before each final publication, ILR staff members are also responsible for working on production days, usually a weekend day, when teams comprised of editors and staffers meet to review articles for accuracy. There are typically three to four production days per year.

Editorial Board

At the end of each year, editors elect staff members to serve as editors for the following year. Editors are selected based on their effort, quality of work, overall contribution to the journal throughout the entire year including enthusiasm and attitude. Editorial positions receive up to three units per semester.

Getting Started

ILR staff members participate in an all-day orientation before the fall semester begins. This orientation serves to familiarize staff members with each aspect of the journal.

We encourage your participation in the write-on competition and look forward to your involvement next year as a member of ILR. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the ILR office on the second floor of Casassa Building or call us at the ILR office. The number is 213.736.1405.

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