Checklist for Student Observers



  • Sign the Confidentiality Agreement
  • No talking
  • Only enter/leave through the CCR
  • Close the door quietly & gently
  • Turn the speaker off if you are the last to leave

Note: The number of observers should not exceed 10.


Please Do The Following Things Before And Then Do The Reverse After The Mediation:

  • Close the shades in the windows
  • Close the door between The Center and the Mediation Rooms hallway
  • Post the “Mediation In Progress” sign on the outside of the door to the hall
  • Turn on the speaker
  • Turn the lights off


Notice to Mediation Observers: 

We request that students be allowed to observe each mediation. On occasion the parties refuse mediation observers on the day of the mediation. We have to respect their requests and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause students who may get turned away from observing on the day of the mediation.