Janet Dixon

LPI Client Janet Dixon Completes Parole Early, Free From All Restrictions After Just One Year

LPI client Janet Dixon in 1980 (above) after completing parole in 2021 (below).

In 1980, Janet Dixon was arrested at just 18 years old, threatened with the death penalty, convicted, and illegally sentenced to die in prison (LWOP). After nearly 40 years of wrongful incarceration, Project for the Innocent helped secure Janet’s release in 2020.

Janet was ordered to comply with stringent parole conditions for the next five years but last month, with the help of the LA District Attorney’s office, the court agreed that Janet had satisfied all conditions of her parole – in just one year – and ordered that her parole should be terminated early. She is now free and clear of any and all parole conditions and is finally – and truly – free at last!

Janet has been taking computer classes and attending church with the incredible community of supporters she has been building all around herself.

Janet’s parents passed away while she was in prison but last Thanksgiving, she traveled by train to Chicago where she reunited with two of her sisters, Ruthell and Charlene, and their families. Janet is pictured above with her sister, Ruthell (left) who was overjoyed to reconnect with her baby sister after so many decades of her wrongful incarceration.

Janet loved making the cross-country trip by train and she is planning another train trip in January 2022, to visit her family in New Orleans.

The LPI team and family are so proud of Janet and the resiliency she has demonstrated throughout her decades-long struggle to correct the horrific injustice that occurred in her case. LPI and Janet are grateful to our many donors and supporters who helped make this victory possible.

Stay tuned: In August, Janet will celebrate her 60th birthday! Stay tuned for updates about how you can help Janet celebrate this momentous occasion and send her birthday wishes!