What is Banner?

Banner is Loyola Law School’s and Loyola Marymount University’s Student Information System. By accessing information in Banner, you will be able to register for classes, view grades, view holds on your account, and other functions that used to be available in Student Web Services (SWS).

What is PROWL?

PROWL, the Personal Records Online Web Link (PROWL), is a secure web-based, self-service tool that you use to access your student records as a member of the LMU and Loyola Law School community. In short, PROWL is the web-based tool you use to access the information stored in Banner. You use PROWL to register for classes, access academic records, view your student account, and utilize other University services. PROWL accounts are life-accounts and are never deactivated. Alumni and former students may request transcripts, view records, and maintain correct contact information after leaving LMU or the Law School.

How do I start using PROWL?  Is it the same as SWS?

PROWL and SWS are not the same thing. To use PROWL, go to prowl.lls.edu – you will log in using your username (e.g. smith) and password.  

The first time you log in to PROWL, you will be asked to enter your old 6-digit pin number. This old pin is your birthdate in 6 digits (MMDDYY format). You will be asked to select a new 6-digit pin number. Please choose a number that you can easily remember.

Do I still need to use SWS?

If you are taking a Summer 2015 course and need to make payments, check course schedules, etc. then yes.  Please use SWS.

I understand that we will be registering in Banner using PROWL.  Will this change when I register, or the priority order of registration?

No. Our switch to the Banner system will not alter our priority registration groups or when they are scheduled to register.