Loyola Law School's curriculum is rich and diverse, with a broad array of faculty members recognized as national leaders in their respective fields. To help students navigate the vast offerings, Concentration Programs were developed. The Concentrations combine rigorous intellectual training with in-depth clinical and experiential (practical) learning components, which gives graduates the specialized skills and knowledge in their chosen field. 

The Director of the Transactional Lawyering Institute is the faculty advisor to the Corporate Concentration and the Entpreneurship Concentration.

All of the course offerings developed by the Institute qualify as advanced electives for the Corporate Concentration. In addition, Business Planning: Financing the Start-Up Business and Venture Capital Financing, is a required course for the Entertainment and New Media Law Concentration (Transactional Path). Other Concentrations at Loyola that compliment transactional and business practice include Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, Intellectual Property Law and Tax Law.  For more information about Loyola's JD Concentrations, visit here.