Loyola Law School has two sources for the funding of student summer public interest employment. They are:


    Loyola Law School's federal work-study program supports 70 students (60 in public interest, 10 in government positions) working at non-profit and government agencies. Employment through judicial agencies or work split between two or more organizations WILL NOT qualify for SPIEP funding.

  2. PILF SUMMER STIPEND AWARD PROGRAM: (Public Interest Law Foundation – Student Organization)

    The PILF Summer Stipend Award Program funding has a different application with a different application deadline. Apply directly to the student-run Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF). The following information pertains solely to Summer Public Interest Employment Program work-study, not to the PILF Summer Stipend Award Program.

Please read these directions very carefully and in their entirety before completing the attached application.

NOTE: Applicants must have received a written offer of employment by an employer PRIOR to applying for SPIEP funding.

FAFSA Required

  1. Applicants must complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA application online.

  2. When filing the 2021-2022 FAFSA application, ask LLS Student Financial Services Office if your summer work-study allocation will affect your fall financial aid allocation, and make a decision that is best for you.

  3. Applicants currently NOT receiving federal based aid (Direct Loans or federal work-study) will also need to complete a 2020-2021 FAFSA.

  4. Student Financial Services will track FAFSA filing for SPIEP applicants.

Summer Public Interest Funding Application

Students must submit the Summer Public Interest application and all required documentation by April 12, 2021.

  1. Applicants must have received a written offer of employment by an employer PRIOR to applying for SPIEP funding.

  2. Employers must complete the Confirmation of Job Offer of the SPIEP application. If an employer/supervisor is unavailable to sign the Confirmation of Job Offer, applicants may submit a copy of the confirmation letter or email, which the applicant received by the employer, to confirm their employment.

    1. Complete SPIEP application online at https://onlineforms.lls.edu/spiep.
    2. Employer Confirmation of Job Offer form, employer offer letter, or employer offer email
    3. Personal Statement

  4. Applicants approved for SPIEP funding will be notified by email as soon as possible after the deadline date has past. Approved recipient will be required to accept or decline the funding and will be required to attend a Mandatory SPIEP Meeting via Zoom (date to be determined).

What does the Summer Public Interest Employment Program (SPIEP) entail?

SPIEP Funding:

  1. SPIEP Funding involves summer federal work-study funding and is not a grant.

  2. Students must request summer work study. There are two different forms available to request summer work study. Students must complete the corresponding form depending on whether they will be enrolled in at least 2 summer units. Contact the LLS Student Financial Services Office at 213-736-1140 or studentfinancialservices@lls.edu to find out which form corresponds to you.

  3. The receipt of work-study funding during the summer will affect a student’s loan eligibility for the next academic year if the student is not enrolled in at least 2 summer units.

  4. The LMU Financial Aid Office will make the Summer Financial Aid Application available (for loans and work study) before SPIEP begins. They will also send a general official notice to students indicating how summer earnings may impact their loan eligibility for the 2021-2022 academic year. Students must read communications from the Financial Aid Office carefully to understand the impact of summer earnings on their fall financial aid package before committing to work study. They should also contact the LMU Financial Aid Office at 310-338-2753 or finaid@lmu.edu if they have questions or concerns.

  5. Maximum amount earned under a full-time summer work-study contract is approximately $3,500.

  6. Maximum amount earned under a part-time summer work study contract is approximately $1,750.

  7. Awarded recipients will be paid on an hourly basis at the rate of $15 per hour.

  8. Hours worked must be entered daily via the designated electronic time sheet system and the Time Certification page submitted by the established bi-weekly time sheet due dates. Students may not exceed their awarded allocation.

  9. Awarded recipients who submit a signed contract with all required work-study documents to the Student Financial Services Office at LLS may start working only when this office notifies them via email that their paperwork is processed and their time sheet is active. Time sheets will not be enabled until Tuesday, June 1, 2021 provided all required paperwork is complete and processed.

  10. Awarded applicants will receive funding for work performed from 6/1/2021 - 7/17/21 only. Students must stop working on 7/17/21 OR when they exhaust their allocation, whichever occurs first. Students may NOT work on holidays or get paid for jury duty. Students may NOT earn academic credit such as field placement credit for work performed and compensated under SPIEP.

  11. Provided all documentation is complete and processed, awarded recipients may begin work on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, BUT NOT BEFORE.

  12. Awarded recipients cannot continue to work and receive SPIEP funding beyond the maximum amount of funding allocated or after the contract has ended on Friday, July 17, 2021.

  13. All awarded SPIEP recipients must attend the mandatory Summer Public Interest Employment Zoom Meeting (date to be determined) to review the SPIEP student guidelines and the summer work-study contract packet process. Mandatory individual online training on the designated electronic time sheet system is required to finalize the financial aid/work study application process. All awarded SPIEP recipients will be notified via email to confirm the date of the mandatory meeting.

NOTE: SPIEP recipients, who do not attend the mandatory Zoom meeting, will be denied funding unless absence or future video viewing of the meeting was pre- approved by Professor Sande Buhai, Director of the Public Interest Law Department (sande.buhai@lls.edu), due to emergency circumstances.

Please be aware that timely submission of a completed application is not a guarantee that applicants will be funded through the SPIEP program.

All SPIEP applicants will receive an email notification from the Public Interest Law Department once all applications have been processed and final determinations have been made. At that time, recipients will be askedto confirm acceptance of the award and will be notified of the SPIEP Mandatory Zoom Meeting date/time,which all recipients must attend.

The Completed Application Packet

A complete SPIEP application consists of the following and must be submitted in the order listed:

Application Instructions:

The Personal Statement:

Applicants must submit a thoughtful personal statement reflecting their past and future commitment to public interest/government service work in support of their application. This statement may be no longer than two (2) single- spaced pages in the standard "12" scale Times Roman font (or any equivalent font), with a margin of one inch on four sides of the text. It should address the following:

  1. Why the applicant wants to engage in public interest/government service work during the summer and, if applicable, after completing law school. Students might include specific experiences from their past such as volunteer or public interest work or any other personal experiences that have inspired them in this career direction.

  2. Why the applicant wishes to work for the proposed employer; how the particular work of that employer fits with their desire to do public interest work.

  3. Any other information students believe will assist the Committee in fairly evaluating their application.

Written Confirmation:

Applicants proposed employer must provide them with a written summer job offer. A “Confirmation Form” is attached to this packet. The proposed employer must fill out and sign the “Employer Confirmation of Job Offer Form”. Written letters from the agency indicating a job offer to the student will be accepted as will confirmation ofjob offer emails sent by the employer to the applicant.

Please note the Confirmation of Job Offer form, letters or emails must be provided directly to the student andshould not be sent or faxed to the Law School. It is the student’s responsibility to attach a confirmed joboffer to his/her application.

Criteria For Application Evaluation

The SPIEP Funding Committee will evaluate each application on a point scale as follows:

  1. One point if the applicant is an upper division student (i.e., has completed the second year of law school);

  2. From 0 - 5 points on the applicant's personal statement.

Multiple Employer Applications; Changing Employers Later

Applicants may submit applications for funding to work full-time with only one proposed employer in the category which is selected (either public interest or government service). You may not apply for funding in both categories. Select only one.

Applicants may not work for a judicial placement or for more than one employer during the summer. Applicants must have received a job offer prior to submitting a SPIEP application.

Students may apply for one-half of the funding if they are unable to work for the entire summer. If an applicant applies for one-half of the funding, they must be sure and check the appropriate box on the application. Applications for half- funding are scored in the same way as applications for full-funding. Applicants MAY NOT submit applicationsfor two consecutive half-funding awards with different employers.

Awarded recipients MAY NOT transfer the Summer Public Interest Employment (SPIEP) funding to any employer other than the one for which funding is received.

SPIEP Award Notification & Required SPIEP Mandatory Meeting:

  1. Applicants will be notified by the Public Interest Law Department via email of their acceptance into the SPIEP program.

  2. Upon notification of an award, recipients will be required to provide the Law School written confirmation via email that they are accepting the award.

  3. All awarded SPIEP recipients will be required to attend the Summer Public Interest Employment Mandatory Zoom Meeting (date to be determined), to review the SPIEP student guidelines, the summer work- study contract packet process, and electronic time sheet payroll training, which must be completed to finalize the financial aid/work-study application process.

  4. When available, all awarded SPIEP recipients will be notified via email to confirm the date of the Mandatory SPIEP ZOOM Meeting. View the SPIEP Mandatory Meeting Presentation (PDF).