Post Graduate Public Interest Fellowship Program

In 1998, the faculty voted to establish two post graduate public interest fellowships.  In 2008, the Law School increased the number of post graduate public interest fellowships to be awarded from two to three. These were two-year fellowships, with full salary funding the first year and half funding during the second year with the sponsoring agency providing the balance of funding for the second year of the fellowship.  Beginning in 2019, four one-year fellowships will be offered annually with full salary funding.

Loyola Law School post graduate fellowships in public interest law are designed to promote the following goals:

  • To provide legal services to underrepresented groups that have traditionally lacked full access to legal services. Social justice, human rights, civil rights and environmental groups are among those included.
  • To create new public interest law positions to assist our students in getting their first public interest jobs and to have these positions, then funded by the agencies, in effect creating additional resources.
  • To encourage and develop a diverse and qualified group of future public interest lawyers and leaders to ensure the future of public interest law.

Read the list of Past & Current Post Graduate Fellows and a description of their projects.

The Loyola Law School Post-Graduate Fellowship in Public Interest Law is offered to four graduates and provides a full salary of $50,000 for one year to each selected fellow.1


The fellowships are available to Loyola graduates who apply in the year of their graduation or the following year; so, 2021-2022 applications will be accepted from 2020 and 2021 graduates.2

Applications must be submitted online by 12 noon, Thursday, April 14, 2022. The online application can be accessed at:

Apply Now

The fellowships will run for one year beginning with the Summer/Fall. Selections will be made and students and sponsoring organizations notified during the months of April or May 2021.

Fellows must file quarterly status reports with the Director of the Public Interest Law Department who will distribute copies to the Committee.


The selection committee will consist of the Dean of the law school, the faculty public interest director, two other Loyola faculty members or more, and an alumnus or alumna working in public interest (not from a sponsoring organization).

The applications will be evaluated using the following factors, among others:

The project must involve legal representation or advocacy on behalf of individuals, groups, or interests that are not adequately represented by our legal system.

The position the fellow holds in the sponsoring organization must be a new one that was created for the fellowship, thus adding additional resources to the organization.3

The applicant must have the relevant background, skills, training and knowledge to carry out the project.

The applicant will be assessed based primarily on commitment to public interest law. This commitment should be clearly demonstrated in previous activities. The applicant’s professional, volunteer and academic achievements should indicate that he or she has the relevant abilities to make the proposed project a success.

The committee will also consider whether the applicant has attempted to secure funding from other sources, i.e., fellowships, grants, etc.

The sponsoring organization must possess the financial and organizational stability to implement the proposed project.

Finalists may be invited to interview with the selection committee.

Sponsoring Organizations

The sponsoring organization must be a non-profit entity. The organization must demonstrate that it will provide adequate training and supervision. The organization must provide appropriate professional responsibility insurance coverage and standard employee fringe benefits.

View information for sponsoring organizations.