Loyola Public Service Institute

Loyola Public Service Institute

From left: Dean Michael Waterstone; Hon. Patty Schnegg '77; U.S. Rep Ted Lieu; Prof. Michael Genovese, president, LMU Global Policy Institute; Prof. Jessica Levinson, LPSI director

The Loyola Public Service Institute (LPSI) addresses what it means to be a lawyer and a public servant in a dynamic ever-changing world. 

LPSI convenes nationally renowned lawyers who serve the public in a variety of ways -- including judges, lawmakers and staffers, other elected officials, public defenders and members of law enforcement -- to propose solutions to specific, real-world problems.

The institute encourages law students to pursue careers in public service by providing mentorship opportunities, externships and jobs. LPSI will also promote Loyola's long-standing commitment and strength in public service. That legacy of public service includes alumni who have served as state governors, U.S. State Department ambassadors, legislative aides, lobbyists and much more.

The LPSI is led by Professor Jessica Levinson, who teaches such classes as Election Law; Campaigns and Elections; Money, Politics and the Supreme Court; and the Campaign Finance Seminar. Levinson previously served as the President of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission and as Director of Political Reform at the Center for Governmental Studies