The Center sees a wide variety of cases. Here are some examples (because confidentiality is important to us, these facts have been changed):

  • the neighbors who wanted to talk about a noise problem that had escalated into intimidation and fear.
  • the landlord who felt so bad about evicting a family not paying rent that the landlord agreed to pay their bus fare back home.
  • the husband who reconciled with his wife and was able to be present at the birth of their second child.
  • the woman who was fearful of contacting a government agency only to learn that the reason that they were trying to contact her was to give her a check.
  • the supervisor who decided not to terminate the employee after hearing how difficult it had been for the employee to return to work after 20 years.
  • the employee who decided not to sue when he realized that what had happened at work was not the result of discrimination.
  • the friends who were so upset about the breakup of their friendship that they couldn't talk about selling the property that they jointly owned.
  • the husband who agreed to counseling rather than losing his wife.
  • the non-profit community agency which was in such conflict that their funding source was threatening to de-fund them.
  • the refrigerator that needed to be replaced.
  • the carpeting that needed to be cleaned.
  • the spouses who wanted to talk about custody and visitation and support payments.
  • the parties who needed to re-negotiate the terms of their personal loans.
  • the client having difficulty communicating with his attorney.
  • the people having difficulty communicating with their insurance companies. the consumer who wants to return or to exchange merchandise in commercial or in private transactions.
  • the spouses who ask us to help them negotiate their marital settlement agreements.
  • the father and son who wanted to talk about staying in school and getting a job.
  • the children who needed to talk about how the property of their elderly parents was being taken care of.
  • the tenant who got behind in rent payments and wanted to negotiate a repayment schedule.
  • the family that was being torn apart by one parent wanting to stay in California and the other wanting to leave.

What do people who have used the Center's services have to say?

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