Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution (LCCR) sees a wide variety of cases.

Landlord/Tenant & Neighbor Disputes

  • The tenant who fell behind in rent payments and wanted to negotiate a repayment schedule.
  • The property manager who agreed to relocate the noisy upstairs tenant to another unit.
  • The long-term tenant who needed their refrigerator repaired and the carpet replaced.
  • The neighbor who learned and understood that the upstairs neighbor, a veteran, was accustomed to doing chores at night due to his night schedule while deployed.

Family Disputes

  • The couple who came in for a divorce mediation and decided to reconcile after two sessions.
  • The spouses who called seeking help negotiating their marital settlement agreement in order to complete their divorce proceedings in court
  • The Jewish couple that needed to resolve their child custody and support issues to proceed with a religious divorce (Get).
  • The parents who were able to agree upon a visitation plan and holiday schedule which allowed them to conclude their case in Dependency Court.

Creditor/Debtor Matters

  • The consumer who needed verification from the creditor that his debt had been paid in full. 
  • The debtor who was able to remove a wage garnishment by agreeing to a lump sum payment.
  • The unemployed person who was able to negotiate a re-payment plan with the creditor.
  • The creditor who agreed to a forbearance of payments due to COVID – 19.

Social Services

  • The applicant who needed assistance correcting a 10-year-old clerical error on a government form that had prevented his change in immigration status.
  • The veteran who needed clarification on the appeal process to recover her service animal.
  • The party who was able to have their government benefits reinstated with arrears.


  • The beneficiary who avoided costly litigation and received the trust funds after LCCR opened communications with the Trustee. 
  • The siblings who needed help deciding what to do with the property they inherited from their mother.

Consumer/Merchant Matters

  • The client having difficulty communicating with his attorney about the terms of the settlement agreement and the attorney fees.
  • The wedding planner who wanted to be paid for their services.
  • The parent who lost their child and had trouble collecting insurance benefits for burial services.
  • The dental patient who was able to receive a refund for improper dental work.

Automobile Accidents

  • The parties who wanted their vehicle repaired and medical bills paid following an automobile accident.
  • The owner who needed to retrieve personal belongings from their damaged vehicle.

Employment Issues

  • The supervisor who decided not to terminate the employee after hearing how difficult it had been for the employee to return to work after 20 years.
  • The employee who decided not to sue his employer when he understood that the employer’s actions were not the result of discrimination.

Because confidentiality is important to us, some facts were altered to maintain confidentiality.

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