Through a regular program of conferences, public lectures, amicus briefs, and clinical work, the Center couples research and practical advocacy to help victims of genocide achieve justice. 

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The Raphael Lemkin Award

To accomplish its mission, the Center regularly presents the Raphael Lemkin Award. The Raphael Lemkin Award is presented to those committed to combating genocide. Past award recipients include former Nuremberg prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz, Adolf Eichmann prosecutor Gabriel Bach, and Turkish historian of the Armenian genocide Taner Akçam.


The Center organizes conferences and symposia to develop, study and disseminate new insight into the social, political, economic and historical dynamics leading to genocide and mass atrocities. These conferences also discuss the domestic and international responses, legal implications, and use of domestic and international laws to pursue retribution and compensation.

Clinic Work

The Center runs the Loyola Genocide Justice Clinic, which allows students to work directly on behalf of victims of genocide. Through real-world projects undertaken in collaboration with outside partners, including prosecutors at an international criminal tribunal, international lawyers and investigators working to build dossiers on current serious international crimes, and nonprofit organizations focused on finding creative solutions to promote restitution for genocide survivors and heirs, students gain distinctive and practical learning tools they can carry into a wide variety of professional settings.

Genocide Scholars

The Center sponsors recent graduates who, as students, participated in some capacity in the Center’s activities, for "Genocide Scholar" sponsorships. These sponsorships allow recent graduates to go abroad to intern for international criminal tribunals or international organizations whose portfolios encompass genocide prevention or the prosecution of alleged perpetrators.