LLS 2020 Intersession

Intersession Program Offers Robust Selection of Academic Courses Taught by Top Faculty and Leaders in the Profession

‌‌‌LMU Loyola Law School (LLS) will be offering courses during the Intersession from Jan. 7-13, 2020 that will be available for both students for academic credit and legal professionals for MCLE credit. A robust selection of academic courses taught by top faculty and leaders in the profession, intersession offers current students and law school graduates the opportunity to network throughout the program as well as earn MCLE credit for their course participation.

The program welcomes visiting students from law schools throughout the U.S. Visiting students will be able to earn course credit. A range of courses is available with some highlights noted below. Learn more or register by Dec. 6, 2019!


Film & Television Finance and Contracts

(LAWW-4065) - 1 UNIT

The goal of this course is for students to understand how finance affects contracting in film and television. Students will first be introduced to the basics of finance, and then analyze real-world examples of financial contracts used in the production of film and television shows. Students will also learn how the greenlight process works from the financial side of the business. This course will particularly help prepare students who wish to work in business affairs within the studio system. The instructor, David Offenberg, won the most prestigious teaching award for finance professors in the country in 2018. The math in the course will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponents, and will be completed in Excel to make it simple.

The Business of Television

(LAWW-4070) - 1 UNIT

So you've mastered contract law, and know your way around copyright and trademark? But what are the key pillars of the businesses they support? The most successful media lawyers are those called upon to imagine creative business (in addition to legal) solutions, and to lead the evolution of this fast-changing business. In order to get there, you must truly understand the commercial imperatives that motivate decision-makers. This course will feature a thorough review of the foundational elements of the television ecosystem, and precisely why the deals entertainment lawyers work on matter. You will leave with a thorough understanding of each of the various business models that inform all aspects of the television business -- scripted, unscripted, linear, digital, short form, domestic and international. Who's fighting for what rights and revenues, and what difference does it make to the CEO and shareholders? Who are the key players in these negotiations? What interests are they protecting and why? What leverage does each party bring to bear? ... All in the context of understanding how the hurricane of digital disruption is wreaking havoc on the entire industry.

The course will be led by Edward Sabin, a media executive with almost 30 years of experience. Edward began his career as a litigator at Greenberg, Glusker. After becoming partner, Edward transitioned from law firm life to running Business and Legal Affairs at Fox TV Studios, and has since held positions as Group COO, Discovery and TLC Networks, and most recently, Executive Managing Director at A+E Television Networks International.

Other courses include:

  • Advanced Writing and Revision Seminar
  • All-Inclusive Bar Prep Workshop
  • Deposition Workshop
  • Essay Writing Intensive for the Bar and Law School
  • Financial Basics for Lawyers
  • MBE Intensive Bar Prep Workshop
  • Wrongful Convictions: Causes and Remedies