Timaiah Smith

Cochran Firm Law Clerk Plans Her Future in The Media Business

When LMU Loyola Law School student Timaiah Smith ’20 decided to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, she didn’t realize that one day her aspirations would evolve into creating and managing her own media company. Rather than becoming solely an on-air personality, her focus shifted to the executive suite and acquiring the skills it would take to become a CEO. After further research, she noticed a common pattern in the professional journey of many top media executives.

“I discovered that a number of them obtained their JD and worked as in-house counsel for their companies prior to their tenure as CEO,” she said.“So, this inspired me to begin my JD/MBA admissions journey.”

She was always familiar with Loyola Law School having idolized Johnnie Cochran and his tireless work as an advocate for justice and equality. As she got older, Smith’s appreciation for his courage and commitment to speaking up for the voiceless inspired her to do the same. So, once she decided to pursue a law degree, her search began and ended with LLS, which counts Cochran as an alumnus and holds a faculty chair and bestows a public-service award in his honor.

Now, as a certified Law Clerk at The Cochran Firm, Smith credits lessons she’s learned as a student in Loyola Law School’s dual degree JD/MBA program with providing her an acumen for handling the combination of business and legal affairs.

“I offer a deep understanding of the economics that affect the legal matters we discuss. The business courses of my MBA program like managerial accounting, data modeling and decisions, and global economic structure systems have helped me to add value and contribute meaningfully to our cases. I’ve been able to demonstrate perspective and emotional intelligence while interacting with clients and colleagues by communicating effectively.”

While enrolled in courses toward her MBA at Loyola Marymount University’s Westchester campus, Smith worked as a research assistant for a LMU College of Business Administration professor developing several courses on LinkedIn Learning.

“In that position, I conducted subject matter research, interviewed thought leaders, and formulated talking points for video lectures. Our content ranged in topic from; entrepreneurship, management responsibility, employee engagement, to onboarding.”

Smith remarked that what fascinates her most about the legal professional is that the law touches all industries. As a content creator, she has documented her journey on YouTube as a JD/MBA student. “Since I spend my time away from school working in media as both a YouTuber and podcast host, a lot of my work involves brand sponsorship agreements and content creation. The media industry has become heavily regulated, so learning the application of current law, analyzing FTC guidelines, and understanding how to negotiate an agreement are all valuable skills I’ve cultivated as a result of my legal education.”

During her time at LLS she also served as the Black Law Student Association president, as a student representative for the Day Student Bar Association, and as an LLS Student Ambassador. Smith also spends eight hours a week working at the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution where she provides mediation, conciliation, and conflict resolution training to communities throughout Los Angeles County.

“Loyola has helped me open my eyes to other opportunities in the legal field. I started law school with my own plan of what I wanted from my career, and although my long-term goals remain the same, I’ve learned that there are so many options for what I can do with my JD.”

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