Wesley Holland

Registrar Provides the Administrative Tools Students Need to Succeed 

Wesley Holland
Loyola Law School’s registrar, Wesley Holland.

As Loyola Law School’s registrar, Wesley Holland’s main goal is simple, but critical: ensure each student has access to all the administrative resources they need to succeed academically. Aside from serving as the backbone for services related to course selection and grading, Holland keeps his door open, ready to provide students with the guidance or counseling needed to make the right academic choices.

“The academic experience is why students are here. We need to make it as seamless as possible,” he said. “That’s how we make a difference.”

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the maintenance of academic records, administration of exams and course registration, among other duties. Holland and his team are tasked with coordinating student records from Day One through commencement. Their job is never done, as alumni require registrar records like academic transcripts well into their careers.

Always ready to offer input and advice, helping students to understand exactly what they need to do in order to graduate on time. “We don’t take this lightly. We give these students the service they deserve because it affects their lives,” he said.

A native of Northern California, Holland has worked in registrar offices for nearly 30 years. He feels a great sense of accomplishment helping students overcome any administrative obstacles – and their own self-doubt. “I tell them, ‘No one would have admitted you if they didn’t think you can do it. You can do it.’”

He feels gratified when he sees these students go on to graduate. And he has a prime view: Holland sings the National Anthem at the commencement ceremony. “To see the confidence they have now as they’re graduating, it’s fulfilling – even if I only played a small part,” he said.