Students Reap Networking Benefits of Loyola Events

Students Reap Networking Benefits of Loyola Events

Loyola students mingled with Los Angeles’ legal elite while attending the dinner and award ceremony for the 12th-annual Tribute to the Champions of Justice.

How do you gain access to 500 of the best plaintiffs’ and civil defense attorneys in Southern California? If you’re a Loyola Law School student, it’s simply the reward for an hour of volunteer time.

Six Loyola students mingled with Los Angeles’ legal elite while attending the dinner and award ceremony for the 12th-annual Tribute to the Champions of Justice last Thursday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Run by Loyola’s Civil Justice Program (CJP), the event gave students unparalleled access to a broad range of prominent lawyers and judges – including many Loyola alumni.

“I was excited to meet some of the greatest attorneys in the profession – people who, up until last week, I had only heard about,” said Avrohom Feinstein ’18. “I am truly grateful to Loyola Law School for these continued opportunities.”

The Champions of Justice awards annually commend two attorneys who make significant contributions to the civil justice system. Honorees’ careers are marked by professional excellence, technical proficiency and uncompromising integrity. This year’s honorees were attorneys Gary A. Dordick, the Law Offices of Gary A. Dordick, and Wally Yoka, Yoka & Smith, LLP. Dinner proceeds benefit the Civil Justice Program’s symposia on access to justice, the Journalist Law School and other endeavors.

Dinner attendance was a reward for the student volunteers, who helped staff the event check-in table. It gave them a chance to polish their networking skills all while learning what makes LA’s top lawyers tick.

“I was inspired by the careers of honorees Gary Dordick and Walter Yoka. It is empowering to know the kind of impact one person can have on the community, and their careers serve as a reminder of the unique privileges lawyers possess to promote social and civil justice,” said Joshua Smith ’18. “I met so many justices, prominent trial lawyers and notable Loyola alumni at the Tribute Dinner that it still seems a bit surreal.”

As it turned out, honoree Yoka was equally as inspired by the award.

“Winning this award is a tremendous honor. Loyola Law School is one of the finest law schools in the country, and it produces an exceptional number of outstanding litigators,” said Dordick. “In addition to the prestige of this award being from Loyola, it is made more special by the fact that its purpose is to raise funds for an outstanding cause. The Civil Justice Program assures equal access to justice for all people, which is essential in today’s times of civil injustice and racial inequality in the legal system.”

Students are regularly invited to a range of events featuring entrée to elite legal minds. Students may register for Faculty Workshop Series events, which bring in top legal scholars from around the country to discuss their work. Additionally, they are invited to attend campus symposia like the upcoming “TechTainment 2.0: Technology + Entertainment,” which will explore emerging issues in gaming, licensing and more.