Oscar Sanchez

New Assistant Director of Admissions Continues JD Evening Program Mission

Oscar Sanchez, Assistant Director of Admissions

Oscar Sanchez is the new Assistant Director of Admissions at Loyola Law School, joining in March, and he is mainly focused on the JD Evening Program, one of the largest, most highly regarded programs of its kind in the United States — and No. 1 on the West Coast.

The JD Evening Program is a tangible example of Loyola's social justice mission in action, as it provides access to a legal career to a diverse spectrum of people who might otherwise be deterred because they are working fulltime or caring for families during the day.

"I am passionate about diversifying the legal community, and I was attracted to the school due to its commitment to this area," says Sanchez, who notes that Loyola Law is ranked as one of the most diverse law schools in the nation by U.S. NewsThe Princeton Review and the National Jurist

Sanchez applies his own experience as a recent graduate and attorney to his role in counseling students. In particular, he loves helping out-of-state students because he, too, left home to attend law school in New York and can provide a valuable, real-world perspective about the challenges and rewards of being away from home.

Sanchez says that he defines success as "meeting with a great JD Evening Candidate who is hesitant about going to law school due to work and family obligations, but through my counseling and the help of members in our JD Evening community, the candidate decides to apply to and attend Loyola Law School."