Olivia Green

Community, Entertainment and Fashion Drive 2nd-Year Student

Olivia Green
Olivia Green '20

Raised in a family that bonded over movies and television shows, Olivia Green '20 is pursuing a law career that will blend her loves of entertainment, arts and fashion.  The second-year student is also cultivating community bonds at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles as the co-president of the Black Law Students Association (BLSA).

Green became involved with BLSA in her first year at Loyola and was eager to take on a leadership role in her second year. 

"I wanted to make sure to continue to nurture the community on campus and serve as a resource to the incoming 1Ls that would join BLSA," Green says. 

BLSA focused on mentorship, community building and academic success last fall, providing "survival guides" to new students, hosting Bingo Night and Thanksgiving dinner, offering academic success workshops and collaborating with other law schools for a night out at a skating rink. This spring, BLSA is focusing on career development and fundraising.  

"I am so proud of our work," Green says. "We have built a family on campus. It is important to have people around who understand you, support you and who have had similar life experiences." 

In addition to entertainment law, Green is exploring fashion law after hearing a fashion technology attorney speak on campus. 

"As a former professional in the tech industry, I was excited by her description of what she does and the ways in which technology is impacting the fashion industry." 

Outside the classroom, Green is working at Box Counsel, PC, where she is involved in transactional work for entertainment clients and companies in the media and technology industries. 

"As deals are solidified and agreements are put into writing, I get to edit and review these deals under the guidance of a very experienced entertainment attorney," she says. "In addition to strengthening my writing skills and attention to detail, this position has taught me so much about the rights of entertainers and how to be an advocate on the talent side of the entertainment industry. " 

Upon passing the bar exam, Green wants to practice fashion or entertainment law at a firm with a great company culture.  

"My career is one of my biggest priorities in my life, and I hope to be very happy with the work environment that I am in. My long-term goal is not necessarily to have a specific job or role, but to build a reputation as a fierce advocate for my clients, and to inspire younger women."  

Green says Loyola Law School is helping prepare her to accomplish these goals in many ways. 

"I have been fortunate to meet professors who have mentored me academically, professionally and personally. I am surrounded by intelligent and driven students who inspire me and challenge me to push myself academically. And my career counselor has been incredibly helpful in finding internship opportunities and career guidance. 

"I am so happy that I chose Loyola, and I cannot wait to see what the second half of law school has in store for me." 

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