Mario Karras

Summer Job Diaries: PwC Summer Associate Adds Value to International Tax Services Group

Mario Karras '22 is a rising third-year JD/Tax LLM student who is spending the summer at PricewaterhouseCoopers on their International Tax Services group applying the knowledge he's learned through courses at LLS such as Professor Kowal's Advanced Tax Research.

How did you land your summer job?

I applied directly through the firm’s career page. Although I applied directly through PwC’s website, I stood out among the pool of candidates by demonstrating interest through networking events and online webinars that the firm held until I landed an interview.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Definitely our clients! Working at a global firm such as PwC, especially in the International Tax Services group, I am staffed on pretty interesting and complex deals. The issues that I’m asked to research are unique to every jurisdiction of our clients.

What new legal skill have you acquired during your summer job?

Understanding the intricacies of the various advanced tax research platforms. Also, as part of PwC, my group not only provides tax consulting but also, compliance services. Compliance work is mainly accounting work, and I am asked to do some of it despite being a law student. Accordingly, the firm provides us with many courses through the company's “Digital Lab.” I am constantly encouraged to spend time on learning and development by taking new courses that focus on various filing forms. I learned how to become more efficient with handling clients’ data and using bots to automize mundane tasks through Alteryx and Tableau. I’m using my legal skills and learning a lot more than that!

What bit of legal knowledge have you been able to display?

Taking Professor Kowal’s Advanced Tax Research course helped me learn how to navigate tax research more efficiently, which has really manifested in my work. Many of the associates at the firm commented on how well-equipped I was when it came to performing tax research.

How has Loyola helped you map your career path?

The professors at LLS, specifically the tax professors, are really good at setting up their students for success. When recruiting for a summer position during the pandemic, Professor Kowal called me and told me not to stress. She emphasized that Loyola’s JD/Tax LLM alumni look out for each other. She asked for my resume and forwarded it to many of her contacts in Los Angeles. A few months later, I’m lucky to be on a team with Loyola alumni at PwC. The LLS roots at the Big 4 in Los Angeles run really deep.

Talk a little bit about what it is like to work with LLS alumni this summer.

Even though I’m working from home, Loyola alumni on my team at PwC have cared enough to engage outside of work setting as friends. Next week, I’m going to a BBQ at Professor Hull’s house with some LLS alumni that are on my team at PwC