Loyola Law School's New Online Tax Program

LMU Loyola Law School's New Online Tax Program Provides Nationwide Access To Its Rigorous Tax Law Training

Filming Online Tax Programs
Loyola Law School Professor Katie Pratt filming for the new online tax program.

LMU Loyola Law School launched an online version of its highly ranked Graduate Tax curriculum. The new custom-built online courses launched in September, making the law school's distinctive approach to rigorous tax law training available to Tax LLM, Master of Tax Law and JD students nationwide.

Based on U.S. News survey data and TaxProf Blog’s ranking methodology, Loyola will immediately became the third-ranked online tax law provider in the United States.

Unlike other similarly ranked programs, which generally offer only recorded versions of live classes, the law school's courses will be designed specifically for online students, deploying cutting-edge technology to be as interactive, engaging and educationally effective as possible.

LLS' full-time tax faculty members collectively bring more than 100 years of tax law teaching experience to the project. To ensure the highest online educational and technical standards, the school has partnered with Wiley Education Services, which is underpinned by more than 200 years of experience in global education and is a leader in online higher education partnerships.

The law school's rollout comes in the wake of a major restructuring of the U.S. domestic and international income tax systems and major changes in the rules governing state and local taxation.

“These are exciting times for tax law. Expertise in the field is a powerful tool,” said Professor Jennifer Kowal, Director of Loyola’s Graduate Tax Program. “Our online program will make our offerings more widely available to those who need it in their current roles – or the positions to which they aspire.”

Professor Ted Seto, Hon. Frederick J. Lower, Jr. Chair and cofounder of Loyola’s Graduate Tax Program, added: “As one of the preeminent tax law programs in the United States, we are delighted to be able to make our rigorous ‘practice-ready’ approach to tax law education available to students across the country.”