Kimiko Elguea

Clinic Training Helps JD Evening Student Become Attorney for Others

Kimiko Elguea
Kimiko Elguea ’19

A former fifth grade teacher for Los Angeles Unified School District, Loyola JD Evening student Kimiko Elguea ’19 decided to pursue law school after realizing she could have a greater impact on her students’ lives through work outside of the classroom.

“Loyola’s clinical offerings really impacted my decision to enroll,” explains Elguea, whose video interview about her work is one of a dozen now available on Loyola’s YouTube channel. “I knew the law school’s commitment to social justice would give me the opportunities I needed to pursue my goals.”

A member of Loyola’s Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic, one of 20-plus live-client clinics in Loyola’s Social Justice Law Clinic (LSJLC), Elguea got practical experience working with individuals navigating the bankruptcy process. The experience had a profound effect on her and gave her more insight into what being an attorney for others means to her.

In addition to providing valuable practical training, which included presenting a mock oral argument before a judge, her clinic work helped her secure a coveted judicial clerkship with the Hon. Sandra Klein ’92, United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California.

“Loyola showed me that being an attorney only means something if you’re using your skills to help others,” says Elguea. “I’m exceptionally privileged to have the tools necessary to help those who aren’t in the same position as me.”

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