Kelly Greer

Director of Admissions Committed to Accessibility, Diversity, Service to Society

Kelly Greer

Kelly Greer’s time as a Loyola Law student continues to guide her work today as the school’s Director of Admissions.

A ’06 alumna, Greer was impressed by classmates who came from a variety of backgrounds and made vital contributions to classroom discussions. “I was completely inspired by my professors and classmates. I experienced so much growth during this time in my life.”

While at Loyola, Greer also completed an externship for the Disability Rights Legal Center and later served as a member of its Young Professionals Board, conducting educational workshops on section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

“I am a firm believer that a good education should be accessible,” says Greer, who is a councilmember for the State Bar of California’s Council On Access and Fairness, which “works to diversify the pipeline, so that diversity is one day reflected on the judicial bench.”

Before her career in admissions, Greer worked for the Los Angeles County Public Defender, where she was partnered with seasoned trial attorneys on death penalty cases.

“The law shapes how justice is implemented in society and that places you in a powerful position. I quickly learned that a decision could be a matter of life and death. There is a heightened level of preparation, accuracy and commitment that a lawyer must dedicate to this profession.”

This perspective informs Greer in the admission process. “Good lawyers come in many different packages, but these experiences have allowed me to know what to look for in a prospective law student.”

Greer consider it an honor to play a key role in selecting the entering class each year, and she feels validated when she hears about “the great work that our alums are doing in their careers and that students are doing in their externships, clinics and coursework.”

“I always consider how applicants will use a law degree to better their own lives, as well as their potential for making a positive impact and contribution to society,” she says. “When I hear how an alum or student has furthered a cause or helped someone in need, I have been successful.”