Hybrid Evening Program Introduces Two New Clinics for Real-World Legal Impact

LMU Loyola Law School's Hybrid Evening students, like full-time students, can participate in various extracurricular activities and student organizations, and choose from a variety of clinical offerings through the Loyola Social Justice Law Clinic (LSJLC). 

This year, LSJLC has added two new clinics specifically designed to offer our Hybrid Evening students an opportunity to make a real-world impact on real life cases.  

The Worker's Rights Clinic is dedicated to protecting employment rights for low-wage workers in Los Angeles County and will offer evening students the opportunity to interview and counsel clients, conduct research, and work on cases relating to employment law, including wage theft. The Loyola California Appellate Clinic will offer students the opportunity to counsel unrepresented litigants on appellate procedure. The clinic will provide students with experience in legal research and analysis as they review cases for issues that could be brought up on appeal, and work on appellate briefs and amicus briefs.  

In addition to new clinics, we will continue to offer hybrid evening courses in clinical programs such as the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution's Conciliation and Mediation Clinic (C-MAC), which offers hands-on conciliation and mediation experience in a wide variety of cases including landlord-tenant, neighbor-to-neighbor, family disputes, divorce (classic and collaborative mediation), consumer-merchant, discrimination and employment. 

Loyola's Justice for Atrocities Clinic will also offer a one semester hybrid option which will focus on representing Holocaust victims and their families' seeking reparations.   

With a focus on flexibility and innovation, we're proud to offer a law school experience that accommodates the diverse needs and aspirations of all our students, empowering them to excel in their legal careers and make a meaningful difference in the world from day 1 of their legal education. Your journey with us is not just about learning the law; it's about immersing yourself in the practice of justice, no matter when or where you study.