Clinic Student Spotlight: Nolan Talavou '25

How has the clinic experience benefitted your legal education?
The clinic experience has extremely enhanced my legal education. The opportunity to work with real-world clients, while also working on advocacy projects, provides a well-rounded experience for law students. LIJC provides students the opportunity to act as client’s legal representative when applying for various forms of immigration relief, making project-related decisions and conducting factual and legal research. LIJC teaches how to properly manage timelines and clients. 

Would you recommend the clinic experience for other law students? If so, why?

I would absolutely recommend the clinic experience to other law students. LIJC, along with the many other clinics offered by Loyola, offer students a meaningful way to engage with the marginalized of Los Angeles. Often, people move to Los Angeles asking the question "What does this city have to offer me?" I think it's important that we, especially as future attorneys, instead ask, "What can we offer this city?"