Charles Lew

Director Lew Launches Innovative Course on Metaverse


Charles Lew was raised and educated in Scotland, before his journey across the pond to Florida for University. With a strong influence from his already successful brother who was an attorney, he packed up his 1995 Dodge Ram and headed straight to LA to attend Loyola Law School. Working as a bouncer in Hollywood, Charles quickly cultivated lasting and impactful relationships that set him firmly on his path as an entrepreneurial attorney. Today, Charles has over 21 years of experience representing high-profile clients and celebrities in a multitude of industries. In addition to being the founder of his own practice, The Lew Firm, and an operating partner at Twist Capital, Charles is actively involved on both city and state levels as LA City’s Small Business Commissioner, and also serves on the board of Mental Health America Los Angeles. As the owner of Huckleberry fine jewelry, Stout Burgers and Beers, and Boomtown Brewery, Charles offers unparalleled wisdom to his clients who wish to expand their hospitality concepts nationally and globally. This year, Charles founded the first NFT exclusively for attorneys, “Lawyer Friends” and is in talks with multiple cities throughout California about entry into the metaverse. Through teaching his Web3 metaverse course at Loyola in the Fall of 2022, Charles hopes to usher in a new age of legal technology, helping students understand and embrace the nascent space that is filled with unlimited potential for the future of law.