Fatusi Oluwadamiloju

Pursuing Customized Degree, Nigerian LLM Student Relishes Personalized Advising

Fatusi “Dami” Oluwadamiloju ’18

Nigerian LLM student Fatusi “Dami” Oluwadamiloju ’18 knew Loyola Law School, Los Angeles was the right place for her the moment she set foot on campus. During a meeting with LLM Faculty Director Aaron Ghirardelli, the two were able to create a schedule allowing Oluwadamiloju to complete a “double concentration” in International Business Law and Entertainment Law in just a single year.

“It seemed an impossible request,” says Oluwadamiloju, “but I walked out of Professor Ghirardelli’s office knowing I was going to get the support I needed to make it a reality.”

A junior law firm associate and an active member in several non-profit organizations devoted to the development and well-being of Nigerian youth, Oluwadamiloju was contemplating a career transition to entertainment law when scouting U.S. law schools. She was drawn to Loyola for its strength in the area, where it earned a spot among the top 10 U.S. law schools in Variety’s 2018 Legal Impact Report.  

“I want to combine my business law background with entertainment law skills to develop programs that will better target and help young people gain access to the resources they needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives,” explains Oluwadamiloju, who has been involved in organizations championing HIV/AIDS prevention and education causes.

Despite being unfamiliar with the “Socratic method” style of teaching where law professors teach legal principles by directing student-led discussions, Oluwadamiloju acclimatized to law school quickly. She took advantage of the many resources available to LLM students, including meeting with academic advisers who guided her through the registration process, joining a close-knit international student group and becoming involved with Loyola’s robust alumni network.

In the classroom, Oluwadamiloju says Loyola professors ensure she feels at home and understands the material. They also encourage her to attend office hours, email questions or call them if she needs additional help.

After earning her LLM, Oluwadamiloju plans to return to Nigeria, earn an MBA and launch an entertainment business in what some estimates now call the third-largest movie industry in the world. She is confident her Loyola degree will help her start a new chapter in her life – and that it can do the same for others.

“The material my professors present in class is incredibly practical and will be very relevant to my practice back home,” says Oluwadamiloju. “If you want a good education in a supportive environment, Loyola Law School is the right place for you.”

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