Bar Track LLM

Bar Track LLM

The Bar Track LLM is designed for students interested in completing an LLM degree as a way to become eligible to sit for the Bar exam in California and/or New York. Loyola has one of the highest bar passage rates in California and its faculty has extensive experience in training students for the bar exam. Our Bar Track LLM takes advantage of this experience and offers to our students a unique course of  study, created by keeping in mind the specific challenges that foreign law graduates face when preparing for the bar exam.

• One-on-one counseling with our LLM Director to design a course of study that will maximize your chances of passing the bar exam.
• Fall workshop for foreign law graduates on the structure of the bar exam in California and New York.
• Spring bar writing course specifically designed for foreign law graduates.
• Exclusive one-on-one private tutoring from one of our leading professors on bar readiness, offered following graduation and up to the date of the bar exam.

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