International Business Law

International Business Law

Loyola Law School offers six specializations to foreign law graduates and select U.S. students.

Loyola Law School’s specialization in International Business Law targets students interested in assisting companies in a globalized market. By specializing in this area, students will be able to advise clients on a plethora of issues, from the incorporation of a company, to its corporate management, tax issues, and mergers and acquisitions.

Los Angeles and its Silicon Beach are an extremely busy market for international business lawyers. New and exciting startups are created on a daily basis. Some of the leading venture capitalists are located in the area, and deals are made to finance these startups, buy, or sell them. In addition to the startup world, Los Angeles is one of the top financial markets in the United States, second only to New York. Some of the top companies and firms are located in the city, and Loyola's prime location in Downtown LA allows students to be in close contact with the top players in the market.

The LLM degree requires 24 total units of credit. The International Business Law Specialization will be recognized upon the satisfactory completion of 16 units of coursework.  This includes 4 units of required courses and 12 units of electives.


Required Courses

Introduction to American Law 2
American Legal Research & Writing 3
Business Assocations 4

Sample of Electives

Antitrust Law 3
Business Planning: Financing the Startup Business 3
Contracts 5
Employment Law 2
International Business Transactions 3
Securities Regulation 3

Required Courses

Elective Courses (Please note that some courses are not offered every year.)

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