LLM in American Law

This program is designed for students who received their law degree from a school in a foreign country. The program is fully customizable and students will have the option to select courses that are more closely related to their interest and goals. Our Faculty Director, Professor Aaron Ghirardelli, will guide students through the selection of courses and the designing of the LLM curriculum. The General LLM program is usually chosen by students interested in becoming eligible to take the California or New York Bar Exam or by students having interest in areas of law that are not currently covered by one of our six specializations. 

Units and Courses

Students will graduate from our LLM program (General or Specialization) upon successfully completing at least 24 units of coursework, consisting of some required core courses and approved electives. 

The Loyola curriculum offers a breadth of class choices in a variety of areas. With 325 elective courses to choose from, students can fulfill the degree requirements by enrolling in a broad range of courses, including first-year JD courses covering subjects required for the Bar Exam. 

Required Courses for International Students

Students who received their law degree from a school in a foreign country will have to enroll in the following mandatory courses.

Bar Eligibility

Many of our international students are interested in enrolling in our LLM program to become eligible to take the California or New York Bar Exam. Bar Eligibility depends on whether a student is already licensed to practice in her/his own country and changes from California and New York. Students should design the curriculum of their LLM at Loyola to meet the specific requirements of the Bar Exam they are interested in taking.

If you would like to find out more about Bar Eligibility, whether you should take the Bar Exam, which Bar Exam should you take and much more, schedule a call with our Faculty Director, Professor Aaron Ghirardelli. Professor Ghirardelli is an LLM graduate himself and he is licensed in California, New York and Italy.