Goldberg, Charlotte

Charlotte Goldberg

Distinguished Retired Faculty

Charlotte Goldberg, Distinguished Retired Faculty

Courses Taught

  • Civil Procedure
  • Family Law
  • Marital Property
  • Community Property Seminar 



  • BA, Connecticut College
  • JD, Georgetown University Law Center


Professor Charlotte Goldberg was editor-in-chief of the Manitoba Law Journal and an instructor at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law. 

Public Service

  • Amicus Brief to California Supreme Court in Marriage of Valli, 2011
  • President, Society for Study of Jewish Law of Slander. 

Selected Scholarship

  • Comparative Community Property Casebook (in progress)
  • California Community Property: Examples & Explanations (3d Ed. 2010)
  • "The Schemes of Adventuresses: The Abolition and Revival of Common Law Marriage," 13 William and Mary Journal of Women and the Law 483 (2007)
  • "Value and Volatility: The New Economy and Valuing Businesses at Divorce," 35 Family Law Quarterly 451 (2001)
  • "'If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It': Premarital Agreements and Spousal Support Waivers in California," 33 Loyola Law Review of Los Angeles 1245 (2000)
  • "A Cauldron of Anger: The Spreckels Family and Reform of California Community Property Law," 12 Western Legal History 1 (2000)
  • "Estate of Castiglioni: Spousal Murder and the Clash of Joint Tenancy and Equity in California Community Property Law," 33 Idaho Law Review 513 (1997)
  • "The Jurisprudence of Yogi Berra," 46 Emory Law Journal 697 (1997)
  • "Virtual Marriage: Examining Support Claims by Ex-Cohabitants," Los Angeles Daily Journal 7 (October 14, 1997)